10 Best Bundt Cake Pans 2021 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

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Have you ever seen those uniquely donut-shaped cakes? Ever wondered how did they pull off this feat of preparing such uniquely shaped cakes. Well, that not a secret anymore. The answer is “Bundt”. Bundt is a pan that is used to prepare those unique donut-shaped cakes. Instead of a normal pan used to prepare the cake, they use these designed pans. These pans are manufactured in special ways to get those shapes and in symmetry.

Bundt pans are more of what comes out of the creativity heads. Bundt has always been a fascination among people who bake cakes and bread. There were many companies that started this as a small business and then turned out to be a good company and still these days. In those days the Bundt started out to be made of either ceramic material or from the iron cast pans. They started out to bake bread in them rather than the cakes.

Now, like any other container where the cake is baked and also with various sizes and shapes available these pans are also similar to that. To prepare cakes in them there needs to be proper greasing that has to take place else the cake would not come out properly and the cake would stick onto the pan.

These pans are usually made of aluminum or stainless nowadays. The process has been innovated by the manufacturers as some of them have been into this for at least 6-7 decades. The cake from these pans also lights up the creativity of the preparer to have different shaped cakes and decorate them beautifully. Not just households these can also be used by the eateries, bakeries and cake houses who also are very frequent users of such pans.

In this section, we will be discussing the various such pans available on the USA market and help build out a buying guide. Now let’s see those pans.

Best Buy Bundt Cake Pans Reviews

As discussed above we will be having a quick review and discussing the features of the Bundt pans that are available.

1. Nordic Ware Heritage Platinum Collection

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection

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This Bundt pan from Nordic ware comes in 2 different colors, silver, and gold. This pan has a unique design for the beautiful cake which gives creative ideas to decorate and design your own cakes. This is a high-quality pan made of cast aluminum has got many compliments from the users. This is specially designed to give a perfect symmetry design to the cake that is baked in it.

The pan is designed to be able to easily remove the cake. This can be done by applying a layer of butter and then the flour or cocoa to coat a layer. Advisable not to use any cooking spray. This well made pan has a capacity of 100 cups of flour. The shape of it is spiral from the center and has a donut type of hole in the middle. Once baked the non-stick coating helps to easily remove the cake and then it can be decorated based on the creativity. The design comes out very well.

You can also prepare gelatine and it would look awesome. Once prepared you can wash it by hand easily and needs no hard detergent to wash it. You can then dry it off and store it easily when not in use. The usage of the pan for baking is very easy. Once you are prepared with the cake batter, apply the grease to the pan thoroughly as it is very important. This grease ensures no cake gets stuck to the pan. After greasing make sure to spoon in the batter slowly to avoid any air bubble formation. Once batter put into the pan, make sure to spread the batter with a wooden or rubber spatula. Nordic ware has experience and innovation for 70 years and hence can be seen as the best Bundt pans we have ever seen.

Things we liked

  • The very unique design of the pan
  • Capacity up to 10 cups
  • Non-stick coating
  • Made in the US

Things we didn’t like

  • Cracks and holes were found in the pan
  • After a couple of usages, cakes used to stick to the pan

2. Nordic Ware Platinum Collection

Nordic Ware – Platinum Collection

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This is another one from Nordic Ware which is nicely designed and highly recommend bundt pan. This from the Platinum collection from them and is made out of aluminum. This comes in 2 colors, gold, and silver. The shape of this pan is known as the classic fluted tube. The cake if this shape is known to be classic ones. These are the classic ones and have been part of the home tradition. These molds can be used for gelatine This is a non-stick finish and hence makes sure to get proper finishing of the cake and you also get the cake out properly.

The capacity of the pan is around 10-15 cups and hence this is a big cake you can prepare. The company is a family business when Dotty and Dave started in 1946. Dave returned from World War II. Once they setup the business they innovated over the period and now we are experiencing that 70 years old history in the form of the pans. They come past 3 generations with this business. The couple started the business with only 500$ with them.

The brand also comes in various other designs. The metal used a reusable one hence all the scrap that gets created during manufacture are re-melted and new pans are crated out of them. The company boasts itself of being made in the US and hence they are also certified with many of the certification and also the food-related certifications. The company has also received various awards for turning out to be a family business that has lasted for a long time.

Things we liked

  • A classic design for the cakes and is also neatly detailed pan
  • The capacity of 10-15 cups
  • These pans are made in the US and they are proud of their son

Things we didn’t like

  • Fake products were received when ordered

3. Wilton – 9-inch fluted tube pan

Wilton – 9-inch fluted tube pan

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This is a premium set of Bundt pans from Wilton that also come in a variety. The one we are talking about is the big donut-shaped cast which has slight smooth tubes that give a very simplistic shape yet also attractive one. This lets you get creative to make sure you add in your decoration those beautifully shaped cakes and also various types of cutting that will make it attractive. It sure will impress your guests when they get to know that you have prepared them.

This cast is made of steel and can be used to prepare both cake and gelatine. This is a donut-shaped one and of the dimension 9.25 x 3.37 inches. This pan gives a shaped finishing and when you add in the icing on it, it will simply look superb. You can be creative enough to do all the decoration on it. This made of steel if hence is safe and easy to do the washing. It is advisable to wash in warm water before the first use. This ensures any manufacturing dust and all is wiped away.

This pan comes with a warranty of 10 years. This is because this is manufactured using a cold-rolled method making the pan sturdy and strong. It has been given the non-stick coating which ensures the batter of the cake does not stick to it. This is indeed made from durable material. The company also has a variety of other molds/casts for the cake, muffins, and cookies. They also come in different shapes and sizes to ensure you can cross your creativity boundary and creativity has no limits.

Things we liked

  • Made of steel hence safe to use
  • Variety of designs available
  • Dishwasher safe as can be washed like a regular utensil but not too harsh detergent to be used
  • 10 years limited warranty

Things we didn’t like

  • Cake sticks to the pan

4. Nordic Ware – Castle Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware – Castle Bundt Pan

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With all the creativity you can generate from that head of yours’s, Nordic has gone past that and has come up with this castle-shaped Bundt pan which really would be something your kid would love. Anyone would have a look and fall in love with it. Cast out of aluminum metal the edges and the contours have been designed very nicely to resemble a castle. If you bake the cake for a competition, pretty sure you will win it with some addition of creativity from your end.

You can really see all the details of the castle with door, windows and the towers. You need to make sure to apply the proper greasing to the inside of the pan and also coat it with the flour so that it does not stick onto the pan after baking it. As the shape is complicated it is very essential that the greasing is done properly, else you will spoil the shape of it.

This cast has 10 cup capacity which is quite big. This is made in the US and hence meets all the food standards. With its reputation of 70 years to keep it makes sure that pans are of high quality and also with unique designs. Has been catering to its customers. They have been innovating ways to manufacture them and have been successful in reading their customer’s minds. This cast can also be used to prepare gelatine hence can be used multi-purpose. This company started as a simple effort by Dave who had returned from World War II. He started with his wife and his legend now stays on with his Bundt pans.

Things we liked

  • Castle theme is really creative for preparing a cake of gelatine
  • The design is well detailed and gives a very good finishing to the cake or gelatine
  • The coating on the inside if non-stick one
  • This is made in the US

Things we didn’t like

  • The cake sticks to the pan
  • The shape does not form properly

5. Cuisinart – Chef’s Classic Cake pan

Cuisinart – Chefs Classic Cake pan

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This is a 9.5 inches pan from Cuisinart which is designed to prepare the best Bundt cakes at home. This cast is made of aluminized steel and hence very sturdy and is a very good heat conductor. This material is a heavy-gauge one and also makes sure the heat is distributed evenly. This causes the cake to make as expected, clean and smooth. Once the cake gets made and time to remove it from the pan make sure the cake does not skin on to the pan. Hence the greasing becomes very important. The edges of this pan are designed and they are thick rolled and are designed to prevent warping overtime.

The pan also has a hole in the middle as that is the shape of the cake that needs to be prepared. The coating on the inside is also is non-stick purposes to avoid any cake sticking on to the pan. The washing of the pan also is made easier in many ways. The thick rolled edges are not sharp and hence make the washing process safer – sharp edges might cause cuts on the skin. The non-stick surface also makes sure the cleaning process is simple. The interior is made sure to avoid and food sticking. The exterior is made sturdy and the paint also does not peel off as this is heated and washed many times.

The product comes with a limited lifetime free warranty. You can use normal soap water to wash it and detergent need not be too strong.

Things we liked

  • The mold is very good for Bundt cakes and has a very good design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Made for safe usage – edges rolled to prevent any cut to the skin

Things we didn’t like

  • The pan sucks the oil from the cake
  • Cake sticks to the pan

6. USA Pan – Non-stick Pan

USA Pan – Non-stick Pan

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This is the 10 inches Aluminized steel pan used to bake the cake which gives a unique design. This material ensures the proper distribution of the heat while baking the cake. This is to make sure the cake is based well and does not stick to the pan in which the cake needs to be removed. This is the most basic requirement in these Bundt pans. Not all Bundt pans are able to achieve this although they claim it.

This pan we are discussing now gives out a perfectly shaped fluted tube cake. The design is so well symmetrically formed that you cannot find any defects in the shape. The outcome of the cake is so well that these pans are used for commercial purposes also – like in the eateries and the bakeries. The presence of the Americoat coating which is also a patented silicone coating makes sure the cake or the baked material is realized easily without any hassle. The coating is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free. It also makes sure the cleaning process becomes easier. You can use soapy water to wash and clean this pan.

This pan is made in the US and has a limited lifetime warranty. The materials have been sourced globally but made sure to be manufactured in the US only. This pan is from the Bundy family company and has been mastering production for over 50 years now. There are also other shaped pans from the USA pans and helps get your creative side out with these cakes’ decorations.

Things we liked

  • Aluminized pans from the USA pans are heavy gauged and made for sturdy construction
  • This is a family-owned business and hence a lot of experience in the production
  • The patented non-stick coating which is also approved from various institutions

Things we didn’t like

  • Used product received by the customer

7. Chefmade Bundt Cake Pan

Chefmade Bundt Cake Pan

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This high-quality Bundt pan enables you to quickly bake your favorite cake with the favorite design you want it in. This pan has been approved by the FDA and also has the approved food-grade silicone coating. There is also no presence of Teflon coating hence making it a very safe product to use. The pan is made of commercial purposes grade steel and hence is very durable and is also designed to give out heat evenly.

The pan has been termed easy to use from the company. The reason for this is that the pans do not stick the cake to it hence making it easy to use. The company is so confident in its products that if the user finds any issues with the product then the company will, rectify the issue, find a solution or replace the pan or in some cases even do a refund if not satisfied. Hence this provides the best after-sale support form the company.

The make of this pan ensures there is evenly distributed heat also this ensures the cake is baked properly. It also ensures low energy consumption is made hence bringing you a little relief to your pockets. The temperate should be within 428 degrees F to give you the right results.

The patented non-stick technology ensures residual debris is left out when the cake is removed. The coating used is a food-grade coating and has been also approved. There is no requirement of additional oil to apply inside the pan while keeping for baking. To clean the pan, it is made simple. But however, there are few things to be followed. Do not keep the pan soaked in water or in soapy water. Once washed lightly with the detergent make sure it is dried off completed before being stored away

Things we liked

  • High-quality steel fused for even distribution of the heat in the pan
  • Non-sticky coating and that too of food-grade are highly appreciable.
  • Best after-sale support from the Chefmade

Things we didn’t like

  • Smaller cake than expected

8. Home Pressure Cooking – Flower Cake Bundtlette Pan

Home Pressure Cooking - Flower Cake Bundtlette Pan

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This product from Home pressure cooking has a very beautiful looking pan that gives out the shape of the flower making the cake more attractive. This pan is also compatible to be used in the oven or also in the pressure cooker. The pan has a capacity of 3 cups of batter.

The product is made from the best material and this is the US company that produces these pans. This pan can be used in many other methods also like pressure-cooked, oven, air fryer and so on. Do you think only cake can be baked in this then you are wrong, you can also fry an omelet, corn breads and many other eatables also.

The pan is designed very well to give the symmetrical design with detailed contours. This makes sure the end product has good symmetry and also clean finish. Hence this can also be used by the eateries and the bakeries who bake cakes regularly. Once cake baked and removed you can actually decorate the cake with only your creativity being your limit. Once baked the cake you can let it cool down for a minute or two and then try and remove the cake.

Things we liked

  • Very beautiful design to give the user the best experience
  • Can cook many other eateries
  • 24/7 customer support

Things we didn’t like

  • Small and expensive for its size

9. HOMOW Nonstick Cake pan

HOMOW Nonstick Cake pan

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This is the non-stick pan from the Homow brand. This is the most simple and small design, but once decorated with icing and other things the cake looks really good and then you will see the hidden looks of this simple design. The pan is made from heavy-duty high carbon steel. This makes sure the heat is distributed evenly making sure the baking process if better and the cake is baked correctly.

The size of the pan is 9 x 9 x 4 inches. The pan is coated with the food-grade premium Whit ford Xylan coating to make sure the pan becomes non-sticky and you can easily remove the cake without any cake getting stuck to the pan. You can also use this pan to harden the gelatine. The 3 layered spray technology takes care of – endurance, health and ensures the layer is PFOA free.

The cleaning process is also very important for the durability of the product. You can use the product in the dishwasher to wash it. Else you can also wash with the soapy detergent water and also dry off immediately after the wash before you store it away.

Things we liked

  • Heavy-duty carbon steel used for durability and longevity
  • Special coating to avoid sickness
  • Easy to clean and can also be used in a dishwasher

Thins we did not like

  • Small in size

10. Tosnail – 9 inch Bundt cake pan

Tosnail – 9 inch Bundt cake pan

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This 9.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches height pan is a very uniquely shaped pan. The cake designed out of it is very beautiful to look at. This is made of cast aluminum for a lightweight and also even baking. Due to so many corners due to the shape of the pan under normal circumstances would not allow the proper heating, but in this aluminum based pan, the oven heating will avoid all those issues. However, we need to make sure to apply the grease and the additional flour coating so that the cake comes out easily off the pan.

The pan is also provided with the non-sticky coat to it making it easy to use. You need not worry too much about the cake to turn out well. If you have prepared the batter properly then this pan will take care of the baking process. Once baked make sure to let the pan cool down for sometime and then try to remove the cake from the pan.

After the cake is removed the cleaning process also to takes place properly. It is recommended to use warm water and not too hard detergent. Dilute and wash the pan. After we ensure to dry it thoroughly before storing away.

Things we liked

  • Even baking due to the material used
  • Dishwasher safe – can use a dishwasher to wash it. Recommended for hand wash
  • Very beautiful design

Things we didn’t like

  • Cake sticks to the pan
  • Low quality as per the users

How To Choose The Best Bundt Pan

There are various brands that sell the Bundt pan and they all come in various sizes and colors. The 10 brands we discussed now were very few of them. You can still explore them as per your requirements. These were added into the list as we found they were the best in the current lot.

Since this is a difficult task, I will try and make it a bit simpler by putting a small buying guide in this regard. Now let’s see those features which are important while buying these pans.

Material Used

The material used while manufacturing these pans is very important. This is because many of the baking processes depend on material use. Like, aluminum is a very good heat conductor and also ensures heat is evenly distributed amount the pan making the baking of the cake is also done evenly. In case the preparation process if the iron is used then the result would not be that good. Sometimes materials like carbon aluminum or stainless steel are used to make the baking process better. Hence look for such products which use these kinds of materials. This also ensures the conservation of energy and lesser electricity bill for you spend on.

Non-Stick Coating

To make sure the cake comes out properly when baking is completed there is a non-stick coating that is applied to the pans to ensure this process is smooth. However, not all kinds of coatings can give the best results. The shape of the pan can also play some role in this regard. Some brands have their own patented coating which is also FDA approved and of food grade. So always choose the ones that are food-grade coating else you will end up with the non-certified coating product which can be harmful to your health.


The significance of these Bundt pans is the designs that they provide. Some brands provide multiple designs in a single package. Try and look for these kinds of brands so that you will be paying less when bought in package or combination. This will also let you make the same cake in different shapes and designs to keep your kids happy. With these different designs, you can impress your guests with your baking skills. However, also be careful with the designs being too complicated. If there are too many corners then it will difficult for the cakes to get separated from the pan. Hence be careful on those lines when you are looking for the designs.

How To Use a Bundt Pan Properly

  • First things first- Greasing properly

At first, wipe the interior of the pan using a brush or a paper towel. Then use a pastry brush and apply melted butter all over the base and walls of the pan. Another method for greasing could be by using a non-stick food spray in the pan.

  • Flouring of pan

 In order to make its release comfortable and easy, pour some flour into the bundt pan and remove excess of it. For uniform settling of flour hold the pan and slowly rotate it. Instead of flour, cocoa powder can also be used for getting a dark coloured exterior texture.

  • Time for filing of pan

If you are wishing to make a chocolate cake or a velvet pastry, use cocoa powder in place of flour. Use enough batter to reach up to two and a half or about three quarters at max. Moreover, if your cake requires some dry fruits or candies, put these in before pouring in the batter.

  • Its baking time

Cover the open face of the bundt pan with a sheet and then shake the pan in order to adjust the fillings properly to the base of the pan. Now preheat the oven at 200℃ and bake the cake at the same temperature for 12-15minutes and then get the temperature down to 150℃ and further bake for another 15minutes.

  • Unmoulding of a bundt cake

 Once your cake is baked, never rush to flip the pan right away just after taking out of the oven. Let it cool for 12-15minutes and then try to pull the cake gently from the sidewalls of the pan by slowly rotating or by using a knife to get it detached perfectly from the walls. Use a serving plate to place over it and flip the cake, slowly lift the pan and let the cake cool completely.

  • Serving

Frost it with a glaze, powdered sugar, candies, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, silver balls. You can also add cream cheese icing, fruit frosting, Vanilla bean.

Slice it and enjoy!

How To Clean a Bundt Pan

Since a Bundt pan is transformed into a non-stick pan.

  1. Wipe and allow soaking

After baking, use a paper towel to wipe out the inner edges of the pan in order to clean the crumbs and other cake residues. Fill the empty pan with hot water and add a few amount of dish soap and let the pan soak it for about half an hour.

  1. Scrubbing

Empty the pan and pour a few couples of dish soap at the bottom of the pan. Scrub the curves and creases gently by using a toothbrush or a soft brush also do not forget to clean the pan tube as it may contain residues left over it.

  1. Rinsing well and allow it to dry

Before rinsing it with water, use baking soda to scrub the inner pan in order to remove its stinking smell. Fill it half with water rinse it well and use a napkin to wipe it and allow the Bundt pan dry.

You’re all set!

Bundt Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use cooking spray with a Bundt pan?

No, you should avoid using a cooking spray with your Bundt pan, because it provides a sticky effect with the non-stick coating. Also, using a cooking spray with a Bundt pan can spoil your recipe. Instead, you can use a baking spray to grease the surface of a Bundt pan for a better cooking experience.

  1. Is there any limit to pour the batter into the Bundt pan?

Yes, you should fill 75% of the pan to get perfect shaped Bundts. If you put more batter than this limit, then it will overflow in the oven while baking.

  1. When can I remove the Bundt after it gets ready?

After baking a Bundt, you should not remove it immediately. If you remove the Bundt in the hot condition, then it may not come out in the perfect shape. So, try to allow it to cool for at least 8 to 10 minutes. Also, make sure you don’t cool the Bundt more than 10 minutes because when it gets cooled, the sugar becomes harder and makes it difficult to remove from the pan. So, you need to cool the Bundt for the right time to get it in perfect shape.

  1. Is Bundt pans compatible with the dishwasher?

Yes, some Bundt pans in the market are dishwasher safe. If you are looking for a dishwasher safe Bundt pan, then you can check the compatibility of the product before buying that.

  1. What other dishes can I prepare using a Bundt pan?

Bundt pans can also be used for making other dishes, which makes them a versatile pan to use in the kitchen. Apart from making flavorful Bundts, you can make monkey bread, gelatine desserts, circular sandwiches, meatloaf, etc. with a Bundt pan. If you have a Bundt pan and want to try different dishes with it, then you can enjoy these dishes.

  1. Do silicone Bundt pans are safe to use?

Yes, silicone Bundt pans are safe to use and provide unique performance. These pans can withstand high temperatures like metal pans and bake the Bundts effectively. Also, silicone Bundt pans are durable and flexible to allow you to prepare delicious Bundts effortlessly.

  1. What is the ideal temperature and cooking time for Bundts?

To cook perfect Bundts, you need to set the temperature of the oven to 160 to 175 degrees Celsius and let it cook for 50 to 60 minutes. Also, some top brands recommend placing the Bundt pan on the middle rack of the oven for better cooking performance. You can follow these points to cook the Bundt effectively.

  1. Can I use the cake mixes available in the market for making Bundt?

No, the cake mixes available in the market are not ideal for using in Bundt pans. They include a higher amount of leavening that makes the final product fluffy, which is not suitable for Bundt pans. The Bundt dough should include cream, yogurt, butter, and other such ingredients. So, you shouldn’t use the cake mixes available in the market with Bundt pans.           


Baking cakes is an art and this has been with humans for a very long time. Accessories like these pans are a boon to make the baking process more interesting and also making it creatively artistic. The products we discussed above were something on these lines. It was a mere simple effort to help you understand the different Bundt pans that are available in the market and how you can utilize its features to bring out your creative self. Some people have a hobby of baking and can really guide them to select their pans. We hope the buying guide also has served the purpose.

Do look for other available products online which might also interest you. The above were mere reflections of what you can actually find when you explore.