10 Best Crepe Pans 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Crepe always sounds to be an interesting one. This is such a dish that is always loved by the food lovers. If you are very fond of crepe dishes, you should always have a good utensil that can help you to prepare such dishes. Making crepe dishes at home is a very tough matter, but the whole thing becomes easier if you have the best crepe pan for that. Crepe pans are simple pans that help the batter of the crepe to spread evenly and get heated so that the dish can be easily prepared. It is much similar to a thin pancake that can only be prepared if there is an ideal pan in the kitchen.

Some points should always be kept in the mind while preparing such dishes. Other than that, it should be remembered that for making a crepe, one should always use specialized crepe pans and not the ordinary ones. To serve this purpose, the users should go with the electric crepe or even the manual ones. Another best thing about such pans is that it is the only product that gives the liberty to prepare other types of dishes easily.

Best Buy Crepe Pan Reviews

Now we will try to discuss and put forward some of the most important products that are perfect for preparing crepes. It would help the buyers to choose the product and use it for a long time. Let us try some of the best products.

1. Cuisinart Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef

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The Cuisine has introduced a wonderful tool for preparing crepe items. This brand is one of the reputed ones in producing a wide variety of kitchen appliances. To add durability and providing outstanding performance, the product is available along with hard-anodized and highly-wear resistant features. The nonstick surface of the pan provides healthy and non-fat cooking options before the users. It is very easy to clean simply with warm water and soap. The riveted and stainless steel handles remain cool for a long time. Bring this awesome product to your family so that your family members get a great taste of the crepe items.

The quality construction of the product has made it unique and popular among the general people. The highly wear-resistant product is mainly made for heavy-duty. Not an issue if you wish to use this product for daily use it will always give the best performance at any point in time. The interior part of the pan is flat, and it allows in the easy spreading of food effortlessly. It can be perfectly used to fry any items on an oven.

Things we liked

  • Light-weighted material.
  • Quite efficient in providing outstanding performance to the users.
  • It comes in the form of hard-anodized material.
  • Simple to clean.

Things we didn’t like

  • The product should have a much better look and appearance so that it easily goes with the modern lifestyle and kitchen.

2. Crepe Maker Non-Stick Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick

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Is it better if you start your day with crispy light weighted and fluffy crepes? Crepe Maker has bought before the people an incredible invention of this product. There are ample features and qualities of the product that is hard to be described in simple words. The nonstick cooking surface begins with a length of 12 inches. It is only due to the presence of the aluminum plate that this product can be as a griddle. It is perfect for cooking not only crepes but is quite efficient in preparing bacon, blintzes, and similar other dishes. You will come across the on/off light those aware users when it is hot enough. This is very effective and useful at the same time. The intelligent temperature control helps the user to control it so that it does not hamper the food in any way. This product is quite beneficial in preserving the nutrients of the food items.

The safe and easy cleaning steps also invite a lot of people to buy this product. It requires minimal attention to cleaning. As the whole thing is generated through electricity most of the works are reduced to a good extent. This is the specialty of the product that should be appreciated.

Things we like

  • It can be easily cleaned by simply wiping.
  • Due to the rubber feet, there is extra stability of the product.
  • One can prepare various types of recipes with this pan.
  • It comes along with five temperature settings.
  • Much easier to use

Things we didn’t like

  • It would have been better if the product had handles along with it so that the users could hold it conveniently.

3. MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe

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Mineral B fry pan comes with the best ingredients that are found in the market. It is found with no such artificial coatings and there is no addition of chemicals in the product. It reaches the temperature very easily and helps in easy searing of food. All these help to preserve the vitamins and minerals very easily.

Most importantly, it is a PFOA and PTFE free product. It can be safely placed on the induction tops and thereby assists in cooking the food within a short time. It also comes with constant and even distribution of heat all along the surface. The ergonomic handles provide good gripping to the users and also help in easy maintaining of balance. The French curve that is found on the pan is ideal for sautéing, flipping and stirring at the same time.

It will be amazing to know that the product comes with a traditional French design known as “Lyonnais”. It is shaped with a curve handle called as “ la Francaise”. The design is the symbol of French Gastronomy. The more the pan will be used, the more the user will come to know about its performance. The involvement of iron and bee wax finish allows the product to fight against oxidation. If the pan becomes darker, it is only due to the nonstick and natural properties. It can be easily observed at the time of handling the product.

Things we liked

  • Made of 100 percent natural products.
  • Available without PFOA and PTFE.
  • It can be safely placed on induction plates.
  • Ergonomic handles are quite durable and strong.

Things we didn’t like

  • The washing process should have been made a little smoother for the users.

4. De Buyer Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France

De Buyer Crepe Pan

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De Buyer’s crepe pan provides the user with all types of advanced crepe making processes. It helps in easy flipping and flapping of food items so that the user can enjoy the actual taste of crispy and delicate crepe pans. To get seasoned with the cooking process, it will be better if the user first uses the product by washing the same with warm and soapy water. Dry it thoroughly, and soon you will experience nice and perfectly thin crepes. Things become much easier if the pan can be easily dried, and it is the only product that comes with easy drying features. It works quite easily for braising meat and other types of products. It provides the user with a perfect platform for preparing delicious crepes and pan-searing meat items.

The inner surface is so smooth that it can be conveniently used. The people much like the French- style curvature.

This product is just too good for making fluffy and crispy pancakes. Manufacturers have done a good research work before producing this product. It is a great cookware that can be safely used in the kitchen. If you are cooking crepe it is seen that the pan becomes easily heated, and this ensures better preservation of energy.

Things we liked

  • Ideal platform for getting thin and amazing crepes.
  • It comes with easy to maintain features.
  • Great for preparing crepes, pancakes, and various types of fried eggs.
  • A simple hand wash is enough to maintain the quality of the pan.

Things we didn’t like

  • It is better not to use scrubbers at the time of washing or cleaning the pan as the coating may get removed from the product.

5. Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker

Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker

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Salton has invented such a wonderful crepe maker that allows the user to dip the cooking surface into the batter. It includes the batter tray along with it. The diameter of the cooking surface is about 7 ½ inches in diameter and has a nonstick surface so that the crepe can be easily removed from the surface. To remove the crepes, the user should just flip the cooker over. Although it is specially designed to cook crepes, one can also use it for frying eggs and other types of items. The cooker is in the form of cordless and hence derives its power from the base unit. The controlling process is very simple, and the user has to switch on/get off and the indicator light. The power cord gets pushed away neatly for storage purposes.

This product is ideal for two or more members. It is quite efficient for preparing sweet and savory crepes. This facility might not be present in other pans. The 800 -watt crepe maker is just too good for getting easily heated. To get the effortless removal of crepes, one can spray a small amount of oil or brush margarine on the pan. That is enough for easy release of food materials from the pan. It is also ideal for small kitchen’s where there is a very small space. The skid-resistantt feet also allow the product to be kept at the top-most area of the kitchen.

Things we liked

  • It makes delicious crepes and soft tortilla tacos.
  • A simple way to on/off the device.
  • Available along with a batter tray and spatula.
  • Easy to clean the nonstick coating surface.

Things we didn’t like

  • The outer packaging of the product should have been made a little better so that the user can easily transport it.

6. Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe

Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe

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The griddle that is made from Cook N Home is one of the best things about this product. As it is made of aluminum metal, it helps in even transformation of heat all along the surface of the pan. Hence it allows in even cooking of the food items. The design of the product is made in such a manner so that it not only prepares crepes but can also prepare other types of food items, including a wide variety of breakfasts. It also helps in preparing crispy crepes without breaking the same. The nonstick surface also requires less oil for preparing foods. Thus this pan is the best option for the health cautious people. Other than that, the light-weight feature of the product helps in smooth air flipping of the crepes. However, air flipping may not be easy for many people.

Things we liked

  • The handle is heat-resistant.
  • The nonstick feature is the best one.
  • Size is very decent and good.
  • Helps in preparing breakfasts other than crepes.

Things we did not like

  • It would have been a little bit better if the product was compatible on induction stoves.

7. Norpro Nonstick Breakfast/Crepe/Totrilla Pan

Norpro Nonstick Breakfast

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Norpro has invented such great cookware that is perfect for killing two birds with a single stone. The only justification behind this statement is that it can be used for multipurpose uses. One can not only cook crepes but can also prepare other types of food items like grilled cheese, omelets’, pancakes, and other things. The total length of the product is about 9.5 inches. In addition to this, the product has a good nonstick surface and is durable. Users can use the product for a long time without facing any issues. The product is uniquely designed so that it can easily fit with the modern lifestyle and kitchen. If you once start using this product, you will get addicted to it.

Things we liked

  • Being a nonstick product it is quite easy to clean.
  • It can be used for multifunctional purposes.
  • Ready foods can be efficiently released to the slanting sides.
  • Handle remains cool during the whole cooking process.

Things we didn’t like

  • It should have been better if the user can use metal utensils but the pan can only be stirred with wooden or nonstick utensils.

8. Scanpan Classic 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Scanpan Classic 10-Inch Crepe Pan

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Scanpan has introduced before the users an ultimate cooking surface that can help others to cook in a better way and produce a wide variety of dishes. The performance of the nonstick is so good that it helps in perfect searing, braising of food items. If you are very cautious about your health and always look for products that can give you oil-free products, it is always best to go with these types of items. It is both safe and sustainable for the users. At the same time, the product comes with PFOA free features. It is a dishwasher safe product and is metal utensil safe one. The perfect blend of STRATANIUM and nonstick has made this product unique by helping in the easy release of food materials from the surface. STRATANIUM is much harder other steel and thereby provides incredible result in searing and browning of food materials. The whole product is crafted with the help of advanced technology and process.

Things we liked

  • Ultimate cookware that helps in searing, browning of food materials.
  • It helps in preparing food with less oil.
  • Dishwasher safe product.
  • It is manufactured with a perfect blend of STRATANIUM and nonstick.

Things we didn’t like

  • The weight of the pan should have been a little lighter so that it could be easily carried by the users.

9. MasterPan Designer Series Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Crepe Pan

MasterPan MP-143 Designer Series Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Crepe Pan

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The MasterPlan has bought before the before a beautiful and scratch-free nonstick product. Its two layers nonstick surface helps in easy cleaning and optimal cooking of food items. The cast aluminum construction is quite good for even heating of the whole surface. Even the black exterior and interior make the whole product an attractive one. This product can be used for cooking pancakes, quesadillas and other types of breakfast items. The induction base of the pan makes it compatible with putting it on any types of induction plates or stoves. The even distribution of heat on the food items helps in expertly cooking the product. It can be cleaned very easily simply with the help of warm water and liquid soap. The process is so easy that anyone can do it.

Things we liked

  • Available along with 2 layers nonstick surface.
  • Cast aluminum helps in even distribution of heat.
  • The induction base allows the user to put it conveniently on the induction plates.
  • Mode of cleaning is very simple and hassle-free one.

Things we didn’t like

  • There should have been a fixed warranty period for the product so that the same could be exchanged in case of any issues.

10. Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan

Nordic Ware 03460 Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan

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The traditional Nordic Ware is quite efficient to be used on any types of stoves. Made of aluminum steel it has a nonstick surface so that the crepes can be easily released and cleaned up simply with water and mild detergents. As steel is a good conductor of heat so the crepes can be released very smoothly from the pan. It can also be cooked evenly. The 10 inches crepe pan is quite suitable for cooking large and medium –sized crepes. On the other side, the slope edge of the pan allows the user to remove the crepes smoothly from the pan without tearing it in any way. Thus the whole product looks neat and clean. If you are not using this pan for making crepes you can try it for making eggs and other food items. It is quite efficient in making standard size pancakes.

Things we liked

  • Ideal for cooking both large and medium-size crepes and pancakes.
  • Aluminum steel construction helps in releasing foods easily.
  • Washing can be simply done with water and mild detergents.
  • The interior part of the pan is superior and nonstick.

Things we didn’t like

  • It would have been much better if the price of the product could have been lowered to some extent for the benefit of the buyers.

How To Choose The Best Crepe Pan?

As mentioned above there are certain tricks that should be always maintained at the time of buying a crepe pan. If you have already decided to buy a crepe pan certain guides should be strictly followed to avoid future problems or issues. Our guidelines will solve all the questions that you may have in your mind. Now let us commence with some of the guides or points that are related to this product.


The highly important thing that should always be considered is to consider the material just at the time of buying a crepe pan. It would be better if you with the cast iron ones but in the present time, the trend is towards the light -weighted products and cast iron is always heavy. Apart from this, it is a challenge to maintain a cast iron crepe pan. However, in such a situation, one can try with stainless steel products. Many people also go with Teflon ones. Both these materials are light weighted and it is very easy to maintain them. Other than that, the aluminum or the blue steel ones or even the cast iron ones are the best ones. While they are a bit expensive but can give you a long term service without any major issues.

Handling features

It is also important to note the mode of handling the pan.  Some significant points should be kept in mind at the time of handling the pans. Out of this, the first and foremost point is to buy a pan that is light weighted and comes with low sides. This will help in flipping the crepes in a much easy manner. The bottom of the pan should be thick. If it is thin, it will not supply the heat evenly and that will ultimately lead in uneven cooking of food items. The handle of the pan is another one that should be checked repeatedly. If required, you should cross-checkk it several times. It should be durable enough to withstand temperature to any extent. It should be made in such a way so that after cooking for a long time the same may not be heated. These are some of the relevant points that come under the handling features and it should be noted as much as possible.


As crepe pans are great ones, it should be taken special care. In this case, washing should be done in a good manner so that the product could last for a long time. Most of the pans can be easily cleaned with soft sponges and this is good. However, harsh scrubbing may damage the product to a good extent. It is better if you wash the product with mild soap and warm water. If you have a kid in your house and there is a good requirement of crepe pans it would be better to go with the low-maintenance pans. That would be a wise decision in this case.

Size and weight

There are various sizes of crepe pans found in the market and it solely depends upon the user and their demands. If you have plans to make other foods items like bacon or eggs, it is better to go with the larger ones. One more thing that should be noted is the size of the stove or the induction plates, whichever is present. Never go with a product that is bigger than the size of your stove. At first, check the area and place of your kitchen and the stove. Then buy the right one.

On the other side, it is the weight that matters a lot. Lighter pans can be easily moved from one place to another while it is very tough to move the heavy ones. If you go with the cast iron crepe pans, it may be a bit heavier one. In such a situation, you can try stainless steel or nonstick ones.


When we are talking about coating, few things should always be given special preference. One important thing about coating is that it should be of such quality so that it requires less-oil and prepares less-fatty foods. It will help to eliminate calories from your diet. It is believed that the thicker the coating, the longer it will last. The lifetime of the pan mainly depends upon the nonstick coating. If the coating is good it may provide service up to 25 years or even more than that. However, abrasive cleaners or scrubbers can damage the product within a short time. It should be avoided. While choosing the crepe pans you should always provide stress on the coating of the same. If required gather probable information about it.


Checking the warranty period of the crepe pan that you are intending to buy is somehow a very vital task that should be followed in most of the cases. A crepe pan is such a product that can witness any types of issues after being used. Thus in such a situation, it is mandatory to have good warranty period so that it can be exchanged if there is any major disturbance in the product. If there is specific mention about the product, one should enquire about it and make it clear. This is a very vital point that is linked with the crepe pans. Even a defective crepe pan can be easily exchanged if it is within the warranty period.


Last but not least, it is the review that plays a major role in the case of crepe pans. If you are doubtful about any product, it is better to visit the reliable sites that mainly deal with the review part.  A review of a product is a crucial thing. A review will reflect the exact information about the product along with its right price. There may be sites that may not show the price correctly but if you visit the review sites you will gather the exact price of the specific product.

Crepe Pans Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we need to Season the Crepe Pan?

If you are using a Non-Stick Crepe Pan it is not required. However, it is required to season your crepe pan to have the dish come out nicely. It is good to know how to season it as well. Place the bottom of the Crepe pan on any flavorless oil. Ensure that it is completely covered. Heat it for 5 minutes. Allow it to cool for a while. Once it is completely cooled, use a paper towel to wipe the oil from the bottom of the pan. Your crepe Pan is ready for making Crepes.

You need to watch out for certain aspects before seasoning. Before seasoning, wash the pan with hot soapy water. Allow it to dry then add the oil. One or two teaspoons of oil are fine. The choice of oil can be canola, peanut and grapeseed oil. Use a paper towel to spread the oil to all the gaps.

2. Is it good to buy a non-stick crepe pan?

If you are looking at easy cooking, then non-stick pans are the best. While the ones without the non-stick coats can make you do extra work but it is worth it. The non-stick pans are highly comfortable for flipping and cleaning purposes. At the same time, you have certain disadvantages too. The non-stick coat may wither off and you will find very less support for this from any company. Further, you must be careful while using the non-stick pans because of its toxic nature in the form of the coat.

3. How is electric Crepe Pans different from the traditional ones?

The main difference being the use of electricity, the electric pans have much more advantages than the conservative ones. The electric pans are quick to make crepes. Unlike the pans, the electric one need not be seasoned too. The electric pans are used for making big size crepes too. When we say big, it is about the breadth and not the diameter. At the same time, care needs to be taken while using the electric pan. The heat at which the crepe needs to be made can set within 2 to 5 minutes in the electric pan. This is faster than the normal ones. But the heat does not set up as quickly as it is informed in the manual. It is suggested to wait for some more time while you pour the batter.

4. What sort of materials do you recommend for a Crepe pan?

While every crepe pans are equally good. There are differences in usages. Soe may prefer lightweight ones, so they opt for stainless steel or aluminum. A few may lookout for a heavier one, as they are primarily looking for making crepes. The aluminum and stainless steel are good, but they may deform over time because of excessive heat. But the cast iron is a different league altogether. It is sturdy, heavy and fantastic to make crepes. If you overlook the weight factor, you can go for the cast iron crepe pans blindly. Having said that the aluminium and stainless steel are equally good but have less life compared to the cast iron ones.


So, guys, we can now make a perfect pancake or other dishes with a superior –quality crepe pans. The above-mentioned products are presumed to be the best ones in all aspects. Almost all the crepe pans that are described above are durable. Decently priced and provides outstanding performance to the users. During the early days, people had to rely upon the traditional pan that was not so efficient in delivering prompt service to the people and, most importantly to the food lovers. But with the invention of the latest crepe pans, all such problems have been solved to some extent, and people are very satisfied with it. The high performance that is delivered by this product is just awesome. If you are looking for genuinely priced crepe pans, you can choose any one of them. Their unique qualities and features have made them amazing before the modern buyers. It can be well said in this context that one can prepare other types of dishes like omelets, bacon, and other breakfasts along with the product. Thus if you are interested in making crepes, just choose the best crepe pan as soon as possible. Grab one today because you deserve the best. You should always get the best in case of any product.