10 Best Madeleine Pans 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Madeleine is those small soft cakes that are shell-shaped and are also soft to eat. There are many versions of them but the original is known to have been originated from Commercy and Liverdun, the two communes from north-eastern France. Do you know how doe they acquire the shell-like shape? The obvious answer is the baking pan that is designed to be shell-shaped. These cakes are prepared with the usual cake batter, however, with the addition of some finely ground nuts, mostly almonds. Sometimes they also use lemon skin to add in the lemon flavor.

Not just France, these cakes were also popular among the European nations and Britain also was one of them. However, they innovated them to give a different shape. Once this was baked, they were coated with jam sprinkled with coconut powder to give a superb taste. In this article, we will be talking on the pans that are available in the market and the features that make them unique to one another. There are many brands that sell these pans. We will be taking you through 10 of them that we think would be the best ones from the big lot. These are selected based on the best ones that are available in the market and also trying to put in a buying guide for you.

Best Buy Madeleine Pan Reviews

Here are those 10 pans that we will discuss, in the efforts to help you buy the best of them.

1. Chicago Metallic – Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

Chicago Metallic – Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

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This pan from the Chicago Metallic brand is known to the professionals in manufacturing the bake wares. This is one of the old brands that have been favored by the bakery professionals and also the households for the baking pans and other such accessories from them. These pans come in the highest quality materials and also are made from the food-grade quality. The designs are also sturdy and quite detailed to ensure you are not disappointed once you see these cakes.

The non-stick coating is for dual purpose, one is to make sure the cake does not stick on to the pan when the baking is done and the second is to make sure the cleaning of the pan is also easy.This company also has various other types of pans with various shapes and sizes. There are simple cake pans. They also have these cookie & jelly roll pans. This pan the beginners and the experts can do a great experiment with the cakes. Muffins and cupcakes are the most common of the cakes which are smaller in size. They also have pizza pans that are of the best quality.

The Madeleine pan from Chicago Metallic has 12 shell-shaped molds in a single pan. This pan makes is made of carbon steel and is a very good conductor of heat making it easy for the baking purpose. The heat is distributed evenly across the pan giving it the best baking experience. Non-stick coating ensures the cake does not stick onto the pan and also makes the cleaning process better. This is also safe to be used in the dishwasher.

Things we liked

  • Made of carbon steel it is the perfect conductor of heat
  • The design is detailed making the cakes look real shell-like
  • This pan is safe to be used in a dishwasher
  • The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean and also easy to remove the cake from the pan without sticking it

Things we did not like

  • Product received by customer was not non-stick

2. Bellemain – Madeleine Pan – non-stick

Bellemain – Madeleine Pan

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This is the Madeleine pan from Bellemain which is designed to give you the best Madeleine cakes with detailed shell-shaped mold. As you know these Madeleine originated from France which are soft butter cakes. These cakes inspired these pans. This one from Bellemain has 12 small molds in a single pan to enable you to prepare those cute little Madeleine. All the molds are evenly shaped and are identical. Pretty sure you cannot find any difference between any two of them.

The pan is made of carbon steel. This carbon steel used in this pan is of heavy-duty and has its own features which add up to the features of the pan. This carbon steel ensures that the heat on the pan is distributed evenly across all the sides and hence making the baking process better. The cakes come out well and they are evenly colored when baked also. Once the cake is baked you can easily remove them from the pan as the pan is coated with a non-stick layer. This layer is also food-grade material to ensure you do not eat any harmful chemicals. This non-stick coating also ensures that it is easy to clean the pan. It repels all the batter to ensure you need not scrub the pan. This pan is also designed to be compatible with the dishwasher. The carbon steel with which this pan is made is also sturdy and is dent resistant.

Things we liked

  • Perfectly shaped French Madeleine that ensures your tea party is superb
  • The molds are detailed and also symmetrical
  • Carbon steel used is sturdy and is dent resistant when compared to other metals used
  • Heat is conducted evenly

Things we did not like

  • Non-stick is not too effective
  • Poor quality as mentioned by a few customers

3. Anderson’s Baking – Madeleine Pan

Andersons Baking – Madeleine Pan

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This pan for making Madeleine is by Mrs. Anderson’s baking company. This is professional quality bakeware from the company and has maintained many of the features to make it one of the best to enter into this list. The pan is 15.75 x 8 inches in its dimension. This pan has 12 molds that are evenly sized and shaped. They, exactly resemble the shell and look to be very detailed to never miss the feel of the shell. The brand has similar ones with different features.

This pan can be used to prepare soft Madeleines and also other things like cookies, bread, sugar cookies, and any other batter related food. The pan is professional quality and is made of tinned steel. This material ensures even distribution of heat across the pan to make sure the baking is done uniformly. The rim of the pan is reinforced with beading which ensures the life of the pan to be a long one. It also makes sure the handling is safe as you do not have cut on your hands when using it. It is advised to use all the accessories of wooden or rubber so that there are no scratches to the pan. You should the cake in the pan as it will cause scratches.

Make sure to wash this pan in warm soapy water. Do not keep it wet. Dry it as soon washing is done and dry it with a cloth. You can then store it when not in use.

Things we liked

  • Professional quality pan with 12 molds to bake at once
  • It has a hole on one side which can be used to hang it when not in use
  • Made of tinned steel which ensures even distribution of heat
  • Can be used for various purposes – like cake, bread, candies and any batter form of the book to bake

Things we didn’t like

  • The non-stick coat comes off after a few uses
  • Pan rusted after a few uses

4. Fox Run – Madeleine Pan Carbon Steel

Fox Run – Madeleine Pan

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Fox Run is a unique name for the Madeleine pan which is really of high-quality finish. This is a full-size pan with a dimension of 7.75 x 15.75 x 1 inch. The finish is of high quality and you can feel the quality when you run your hand over the pan. This pan has 12 molds which you can use to prepare the cake. All these 12 molds have been evenly shaped and sized so that you get identical of such cakes at a single round of bake. These molds are shell-shaped cups that are detailed to give you the perfect shell shape.

You can prepare a variety of food in these molds. Soft Madeleine cakes are the fist inline. You can also prepare cookies as per your choice. You simply need to prepare the batter and fill in these cups and bake them, as usual, to get them as per your requirement. You can also prepare cookies, sugar-coated cakes or cookies, candies and any other food that has batter or dough involved.

This pan is coated with the non-stick coating which ensures the cake or the food baked does not get stuck to the pan. You can also grease it before you start the baking process to ensure the cake or the batter does not get stuck to the pan.

The pan is advised to be hand washed and not washed in the dishwasher. You can use warm soapy water to wash it by hand. As this is non-stick coated, you can easily wash it without any hassle.

Things we liked

  • Made of durable carbon steel which is sturdier than many metals
  • At one go you can bake up to 12 cakes
  • You can also prepare other things like cookies, or also bread.

Things we didn’t like

  • Non-stick does not work for long
  • Of poor quality as the pan is thin
  • Made the cakes darker

5. Norpro – Non-stick Madeleine

Norpro – Non-stick Madeleine

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These are shell-shaped molds’ pan for the Madeleine. The size of the molds is smaller when compared to the other products we have spoken about until now. The pan has molds for 18 cakes. The pan is sized at 15 x 9 x 0.5 inches which are ideal for any normal baking oven. So, it fits in well. These molds or cups are shaped like shells. The pan has handles on either side to enable you to hold the pan better.

This pan is good for preparing Madeleine, chocolates, cookies and any batter-based baking food. The pan is made from the best non-stick material which ensures that the heat is uniformly distributed and hence the baking of the batter would be done evenly across the pan. The cups holding the batter are all designed uniformly and they are identical. The mold is also designed with good details so that it gives good replication of a shell.

The pan is made of professional quality which means that it can also be used by the professional bakers and also by the households. Be is a beginner or a professional or even the regular baker at home this pan fits in well for the purpose. The pan weighs around 6.4 ounces. This item is available for shipping outside only for selected few countries. The uniqueness of this pan is that you can bake up to 18 cakes at a single go. To wash this pan it is advised to used soapy water and to be washed by hand only.

Things we liked

  • 18 cups and hence you can bake 18 cakes in a single go
  • Non-stick coating for easy removal of the cakes after baking
  • Professional quality ensures it can be used by anyone

Things we didn’t like

  • Non-stick not working as expected
  • The cups are not deep enough

6. Gobel – Madeleine pan

Gobel – Madeleine pan

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This pan from Gobel is designed to give you super crisp Madeleines. Like the origin of Madeleine,the pan also originates from France. The pan is of the size 15.5 x 7.9 x 0.8 inches and hence it fits in most of the oven without any hassle. The pan also weighs only 9.9 ounces and it is not too heavy when you carry it especially when it is hot, just out of the oven.

This pan has 12 cups which are shell designed cups and which give the cake the shape of the shell. You can also use this mold to prepare cakes, bread, chocolates, candies, and many other batter-based foods. Just use your creativity to explore more.

The pan is designed to give you crispy cakes. The pan is around 3 inches taller. There are 12 cups and you can prepare up to 12 in a single bake time. These cups are identical and similar to each other. You can hardly spot them apart. Maintaining this pan is also an important task. However, it is not too difficult. You can simply wash it by hand using soapy water and preferably in warm water.

Things we liked

  • Perfectly prepares crisp Madeleine
  • Made of tinned steel and is sturdy enough
  • This is made in France like the Madeleine
  • Can be shipped to selected few countries outside of the US

Things we did not like

  • Non-stick not working as expected

7. Webake Madeleine Pans – Carbon steel

Webake Madeleine Pans

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These are beautifully designed molds for Madeleine. The pan comes in 6 of these shell-shaped molds which are pretty big in size. These shell shapes are different from the ones that we have seen till now. These are round in shape but yet maintains the shell shape and are designed very well. The mold has a detailed shell print on it. This feature would reflect on the cakes or any other batter that is baked in it.

The pan comes in a size of 10.2 x 7 x 1.2 inches. This is the ideal size of any pan making it easy to fit into an oven. The package comes in 2 numbers of the pan. The pan is made of reliable high-quality carbon steel. This carbon steel is also designed to equally distribute the heat across the pan which in turn makes sure the baking process happens better. Once the baking process is better meaning the cakes come out well. The pan can also be used in various appliances. You can bake it in an oven, or in a microwave and or keep in the refrigerator. You can also prepare the jellos in this cup.

These are made of the Carbon steel, material and hence is sturdy and to come extent also dent resistant.  The company is so confident with its product that it will let you have the 100% guarantee or product replacement policy that it follows. This comes in a pack of 2 hence you can still bake 12 at once.

Things we liked

  • Big and well-designed pans
  • Carbon steel makes it sturdier and also dent resistant
  • Can be easily washed in warm water

Things we didn’t like

  • Damaged product received
  • Pan is smaller than it looks

8. Fasmov – Madeleine pan – Silicone-based

Fasmov – Madeleine pan

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This is the uniquely designed Madeleine pan that is made of silicone. This comes in red color and comes in the pack of 2. This is a baking moldthat has the capacity to bake around 20 cakes at aa single go. These molds are made of rubber that means you can bend it as required.

This silicone pan has the shell-shaped cups which when filled with the batter or any other things that take the shape will give the shape of the shell very well when removed after baking. Each pan has 20 such cups and each cup is similar to the other cups in the pan. The pan can withstand the required temperature to bake the cakes. It can withstand from -40 to +230 degree Celsius

The size of the pan is a bit bigger, 12 x 8 x 0.3 inches. But still fits into the usual oven without any hassle. This pan also works great for cookies, chocolates, candies and also jellos. The pan is 11.2 ounces in weight. There is no fear of dent or damage to be caused as it is silicone and is flexible. The removal of the cakes and another batter once baked would be easier to remove as you just need to peel off the silicone if it’s a bit sticky. Else generally it should be a piece of cake. Hence it is flexible and non-sticky. The silicone is also FDA approved so you need not worry about the product being food-grade quality.

Things we liked

  • Flexible silicone-based pan makes it easier to carry around
  • 20 cups in a single pan hence you can cook up to 20 cakes in a single go
  • Can be used alternatively for chocolates, bread and to prepare any other batter-based food

Things we didn’t like

  • Cavities are smaller than expected and advertised
  • Non-stick feature not working

9. OAMCEG – Madeleine Pans

OAMCEG – Madeleine Pans

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OAMCEG has introduced this Madeleine pan which comes in a pair of 2 pans. Each pan is containing 12 cups. Each of these cups is designed to provide a shell-shaped outcome. These are shell-shaped molds that give a super shape to the cake or any other batter that is baked in this pan. The Pans are safe as it has been approved by the FDA. It also makes the product a healthy one. As the pan undergoes high heat during the baking process, it becomes very important that the layer coated on it does not peel out. Hence high-quality silicone coating is done for the pan to ensure it acts as a non-stick coating.

This is a premium design of the pan as it is coated with a non-stick coating which ensures no batter sticks to the pan. You can easily remove the cake as a whole and do not break the shape, though this depends on the batter also. The pan is made off Carbon steel hence this is made for the commercial-grade, which means it is made sturdier for regular and unexpected usage. Due to carbon steel, it is easy to maintain durability. Need not worry much on those lines.

The non-stick coating also makes it easy to clean the pan. You can use warm water to clean and also the liquid soapy water to clean the pans. With multiple uses, the customer also seems to be happy as there is no much maintenance required.You can also use the dishwasher to wash them.

Things we liked

  • Non-stick ensures the cake does not stick to the pan
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multiple-use also does not cause any issues

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we can observe now

10. Chefmade – Madeleine Cake Pan

Chefmade – Madeleine Cake Pan

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The Chefmade is a very popular brand that is known to manufacture these Madeleine pans. This pan comes with the cup or the mold of 12 numbers in each pan. These cups are shell-shaped molds which will also ensure to give a highly detailed shell-shaped output.  The pan is FDA approved and hence also made of the food-grade quality material. There is also the silicone-based coating provided which does not peel or give away any fumes when heated for the baking purposes. The color of the pan is champagne gold.

The pan is safe and healthy to use as per various certifications provided for it. The pan is also designed for commercial use and hence can be used frequently and also resistant to dent or any other damage. As the pan is a non-sticky one it becomes easy to clean the pan. It also becomes easy to remove the cake from the pan. You can also prepare chocolates, cookies and other batter-based food in this pan.

The pan is very easy to use and can be used even by a beginner to do the baking.You can also prepare those shaky jellos in this pan. The pan is also made with the approved material and gives an evenly distributed heat. This ensures that no heat is wasted and conserves energy. Also, it is very easy to wash the product. You can wash with hand using soapy water and needs to be dried off before storing away.

Things we liked

  • Safe and healthy as FDA approved materials used
  • After-sale very good service, if unsatisfactory they will find a replacement, solution or a refund
  • The non-stick coating ensures the cake does not stick to the pan
  • Can be used by a beginner or a professional

Things we didn’t like

  • None that we have seen or known

Madeleine Pan Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

With so many products in the market and so many options with various features, it becomes a really tough job to make the right decision of which one to buy. You would, of course, want to ensure you get the best that covers all your requirements. In this section, we will try and split those features and then see if it helps focus only on your requirement and then decide which to buy. Let’s see those critical features that you should focus on.

Material Used

These pans require to be durable and also safe and healthy to use. Hence you can use the pan which has been approved by the FDA and the food-grade material used. There are pans made of Tinned steel which might not be too expensive. However, they might not be approved for safety by the regulators. If you are willing to take that risk you can go ahead with it. Then there are the stainless-steel ones that are a bit better than the tinned steel. Then comes the aluminum which is lighter in weight and also sturdy enough. It gives a good finish to the cake when used in manufacturing the pan. The last one used is Carbon steel which is sturdier than all. This material gives a good shape to the cake and has a smooth finish. It is a strong metal and also is dent resistant which ensures longer usage. All these materials are designed to ensure uniform heat is spread across the pan. Carbon steel does the best. There are also FDA approved silicone-based pan that is also good to use. However, there is no uniform spread of the hearing as it does not conduct heat.

Non-Stick coating

This is one of the important features to be looked into while buying. This is because this coating enables the cake to be removed easily from the pan without being stuck to the pan. There are some pans without the coating which is not so ideal to be used. If the cake gets stuck to the pan then there is no point in having the design in place. Hence look for the ones with the food-grade coating available. If we go for the tinned steel, we do not believe there are any non-stick coating available on the list. However, there are also tinned ones that have a non-stick coating. Look for the right one. Mostly all the carbon steel used has these coating and hence would be a good option to go for. But look for the reviews before you buy as some of the pans did not work even with the confirmation that the pan is a non-stick one.


Not too important but the Madeleine pans are supposed to have the shell-shaped cups to ensure we stick onto the legacy. The shells can be differently shaped. Some are designed long and some are round. Hence look for the right shape you before you buy the pan. See if you are choosing the ones u require it.

Number of cups

Another not so important feature is the number of cups available in each pan. If used for commercial purposes, we suggest going for the silicone one with 20 at a single go. But if you want to go for the steel ones there are ones with 18 cups. You can bake 18 cakes in a single go. Else standard all the pan shave 12 cups in them.

How to use Madeleine pan?

  1. Choosing the right type of Madeleine pan to begin:

The first thing to know before using the Madeleine pan is to choose an appropriate one. Make sure to pick a product with added benefits like non-stick, dishwasher safe, flexible, durable, and easy to handle. Heat resistance is another property that you can search for in Madeleine pans. Carbon steel pans are the most in use nowadays. Now, let us proceed on how to use these pans.

  1. Preparing the batter:

It is the most crucial step towards tingling your taste buds. Who doesn’t wants the outcome of their recipe to be positive? All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Take a bowl and add two eggs to it. Sprinkle some fine sugar on the bowl & whisk. You can also add honey to enhance the taste.
  • Add all-purpose flour and baking powder. Whisk again until it attains a smooth paste-like texture.
  • Melt the butter and add lemon and a pinch of salt to it. Add this combination to the bowl and whisk again.
  • Once you can appreciate a smooth and fine paste, it is ready to be transferred to the madeleine pan.
  1. Putting the batter in the pan:

Putting the batter in the pan might appear like an easy task. There are two points that everyone should take care of:

  • Do not overfill the pans. Always leave some residual space in the voids. It will help the batter to rise properly. Who doesn’t want a perfect taste and texture in their freshly baked madeleines?
  • Even if you are using a Madeliene pan with a non-stick coating, make sure to grease it. It will help in the easy removal of the madeleines post-baking.
  1. Set the appropriate temperature:

It will take a total of 15-20 minutes to bake madeleines. For the initial 10 minutes, you need to set a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. In the last few minutes, you can reduce the temperature to 200.

  1. Serve and enjoy!

Baking madeleines is a unique kind of art. Serve your freshly baked madeleines out of the pan and enjoy!

  1. Don’t forget to clean the pan:

This is the last but the most vital part of the entire process. If you want to continue baking madeleine, you need to take proper measures for cleaning and maintaining these pans. There’s not much to do. Thorough washing after every use will make it last longer.

Madeleine Pans Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Pans?

Both are equally good. They are durable too. Carbon steel Madeleine pans are sturdy as well. If we have to look into the material aspects deeply, stainless steel is better than the carbon steel pans. The chromium layer in the stainless steel acts as a protective shield against any dust or corrosion. This is absolute protection and ensures that the food is safe to eat. While carbon steel is very good for cooking, it does not have a chromium coat. Thus making it more corrosive than the stainless steel.

2. How to Clean Madeleine Pans?

It is good to maintain the utensils that we used to cook. The Madeleine pans require you to clean it safely. Especially the non-stick ones. Use mild soap, and use hands while cleaning first. Also, you can use a soft sponge to wipe it properly. Ensure that the edges ae properly cleaned. Do not allow any greasy walls to stay the same way. Apply more detergent if you want, but clean it gently to avoid any scratch. Further, the non-stick pans need to be handled with care. Do not use any abrasive material as it may damage the coat on it.

3. Which Madeleine Pans are suitable for household use?

As there are many materials available in the market, it gets confusing to select the best one. All the madeleine pans are good. But if you are using it domestically, you must prefer the pan that is light in weight. At the same time, we may not have custom made ovens to make chocolates or madeleines. So it is good that you purchase aluminium or a stainless steel pan. Aluminium helps to spread heat evenly while stainless steel is easy to handle and durable.

4. How long does a non-stick coat in a pan last?

This completely depends on how you use it. It also depends on the frequency of usage and washing methods. The non-stick can never be life long that’s for sure. But you can maintain it properly so that it lasts for a long time. Avoid scouring the non-stick pans with abrasive material. Further, do not use any steel items to pick the chocolates or madeleines from it. Do not use any sharp items that may cause damage to the coat. Ensure that you clean it properly too. If you use it once in 5 days, it must last at least for 4 years.

5. How can we avoid the madeleines from sticking to the pan?

You must grease the pan properly but not generously. At the same time, ensure that the batter is refrigerated properly. Fill the batter and keep it in the oven. Once you take it out, allow it to cool down. It has to cool down nicely. Then tap the pan hard but not harder for it to break. The madeleines can easily come out. The art of making the madeleine is to know how to tap the tray.


Having gone through all the features of various pan available in the market, I believe we have given you good guidance on the feature that might be useful to you. Some decisions should be taken by you. Hence I am not in the privilege to point out the best products on the list. Look for the right requirement before you buy the product. Also, look for practical feasibility when choosing the right one. We hope we were able to give you the right guidance. Happy shopping!