Cast Iron Pan V/s Copper Pan: Which is better?

Are you looking forward to introducing a new set of cookware into your kitchen? Are you afraid to make a choice between Copper pan and Cast Iron pan? Cookware is available in numerous types from stainless steel to Teflon, non-stick to ceramic, copper to cast iron. Choosing between two types may be tedious. We are going to inform you of the differences between a cast iron pan and a copper pan.

Cast iron pans are the traditional choice of most people while the copper is known to add charm into the kitchen. Let us discuss each of them briefly.

Cast Iron Pan and Copper Pan

Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron is no new to the world of cookware. You may have heard the stories where the cast iron pans are being passed from generation to generation. It has gained good popularity among the home cooks and professional chefs as well. Particularly cast iron is known for its durability which is remarkable. People can use the cast iron cookware for years and years.

The cast iron is a sturdy material that reduces the chances of damage and increases its lifespan. However, cast iron pans take quite a while to heat up, but once they are heated up, the heat will remain for a longer time. It is considered the best tool for cooking red meat and chicken. The cast iron also has the ability to withstand too high temperatures which makes it an ideal product to be used in ovens and for deep frying the food material. Plus, every time you add oil into the cast iron pan, its seasoning gets deep. Cast iron pans can also be used on induction stoves and that is the reason why people buy them for their modernized kitchens.The cast-iron cookware is quite costly but the cost is totally worth the quality.

Copper Pans

Copper cookware are known for its charm and heat distribution. They are quite popular among professional chefs and advanced cooks. One of the distinctive features of the copper pan is its ability to evenly distribute the heat which eventually leads to the even cooking of food. If you want to avoid hotspots then copper pans are perfect for you. You can use a copper pan to simmer sauces and make temperamental dishes.

Copper pan, unlike the cast iron, can heat up very quickly. For the same reason, you can use these pans when you are in a hurry to prepare your dinner. Plus, the copper pans are also durable, they may last long only if proper care is taken. If you purchase a copper pan with good solid construction, the pan will never break. When compared to the cast iron, the copper has a lightweight. Always select a thicker pan as they are better than the thinner ones.

Which is better for cooking?

This may sound weird to you but it is not easy to tell which is better. Copper pans are known for their appearance and even distribution of heat while the cast iron pans are famous for durability. However, when we talk about the ease of cleaning, copper pans are quite easier to clean. One of the disadvantages of cast iron is that the iron is reactive with acid so you will not be able to prepare acidic food in the cast iron pans. Otherwise, the pan may get damaged and will require re-seasoning. So, if you are an acidic food lover, cast iron pans are a big no for you. In such a case you may choose copper pans.

Considering the cost, copper pans are more costly when compared to the cast iron pans. You can choose between a copper and a cast iron pan on the basis of the above information provided.