Cast Iron Pan vs. Stainless Steel Pan: Pros & Cons

Many people feel surrounded by a ton of confusion while choosing the right type of cooking pan for their kitchen use. Especially when it comes to choosing the right material as per the requirements, it becomes a bit tricky because of multiple and great options. However, this post is going to be all about the difference between carat iron pans and stainless steel pans. Here we are going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both materials closely.

If you have any interest in knowing which material can serve you better according to your needs, make sure to read this whole in-detailed post.

Cast Iron Pan vs. Stainless Steel Pan

Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron built cooking pans are not that common as the stainless steel ones, but many people want to buy the cast iron pans because they have amazing advantages. If you have any confusion and want to know more about the pros of cast iron pans, this section will help you a lot.

Most people are only aware of a few advantages of cast iron material, especially when you are going to use it in your kitchen. Therefore we have listed some of the fantastic advantages that you are going to love, and we have provided information about the drawbacks of cast iron as well.

Pros of Cast Iron Pans


Cast Iron built pans are one of the highly versatile uses of pans that present in the market. From versatility here, we meant about the dishes that you can make or cook with this type of pans. According to experts, you can easily use a cast iron built pan for cooking purposes such as saute, frying, roasting, baking, etc.

Natural Non-Stick 

If you have used any cast iron pan in your kitchen, then you may know that there is almost all the pans with this material comes without any non-stick coating. Ys, you got it right, this type of pans doesn’t come with non-stick coating because it can provide the natural non-stick coating. The surface of cast-iron built pans usually supports or allows you to cook food with a low amount or almost zero fat or oil.

Excellent Heat Retention 

The cast iron built pans usually has a higher heat retention ability because of the ideal thickness and amazing material properties. So, if you have cooked something in this material of pan, then we want to let you know that it can easily keep your food fresh and warm because of its excellent heat retention ability.

Cons of Cast Iron Pans

High Heat Transfer Can Be An Issue 

We know that the cast iron material has an amazing heat transfer rate. In short, when you will use this material of pan for higher stove flame or temperature, it can easily heat the handle part of the pan as well. This is how there is a possibility that it can cause burning issues to your hands while cooking. But it is not that big issue because you can easily solve it by going with a pan option that comes with insulation layering/covering on the handle section.


Many regular users frequently complain about the heaviness of the overall pan because of the thickness. It can cause the wrist pain problem if you hold this pan in your hands for a long time while preparing or cooking something.

Tough Maintenance 

Some people believe that the maintenance of cast iron built pans is very hard to do. It’s because you always need to take care of carefully cleaning, seasoning, and some other things to use it for a longer-term.

Stainless Steel Pans

If we compare the stainless steel pans to the cast iron built pans, there are many similarities and dissimilarities between both materials. However, there is no doubt that the steel made pans are quite popular in the market than the cast iron ones.

Here we have picked some of the pros and cons of stainless steel pans that will help you to easily differentiate and choose the right material of cooking pan as per your requirements.

No Need To For Extra Care In Cleaning 

The cast iron built cooking pans require the next level of attention while cleaning them, but thankfully, if you have the stainless steel pan, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s because the stainless steel pan allows you to clean them with the help of dishwashers easily. The main reason behind the dishwasher compatibility of stainless steel pans is the smooth surface that they usually come with.

Excellent Durability 

When it comes to the durability of cooking utensils, the stainless steel built ones can offer maximum durability. And this type of pans have the incredible hardness; therefore, they don’t get scratched easily.

Ideal Heat Distribution 

In terms of heat distribution and even cooking, you won’t be going to find anything less in the stainless steel pans. Yeah, it is true that the heat distribution of this material is not that great as the copper, but it is still ideal for almost all the cooking tasks.

Easy Recycling 

Because the recycling process of stainless steel is very easy, therefore this type of pans becomes eco-friendly pans as well. It can be a plus-point for nature lovers who are looking for the right type of cooking pan.

Cons of Stainless Steel Pans

Poor Heat Retention 

As we mentioned earlier, the cast iron material comes with fantastic heat retention, but in the case of stainless steel pans, this is exactly the opposite. It’s because the stainless steel built pans doesn’t offer reliable heat retention capability.

Not Suitable For Non-Stick Cooking 

If you bought a stainless steel built cooking pan that doesn’t come with the non-stick coating, in this case, you can’t cook the food with less or almost zero amount of oil. And fat because if you do this, there are chances that the food will stick to the bottom. We recommend choosing a stainless steel pan with the multiple layering of the non-stick coating to tackle this issue.

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