How to Clean and Care For Paella Pan

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Having different styles of culinary cookware in your kitchen allows you to try a hand in every recipe. Some people restrict themselves from trying new dishes just because of a lack of proper cookware. One such cookware is a paella pan. It is a Valencia term which is taken from the word- pan. If you belong to Valencia or regions around it, you will know the value of consuming dishes cooked in paella pans. People of Spain consider the paella as their love of life. Therefore, we hope that the origin of the Paella pan is clear to you guys. You must enrich yourself with a brief history of an authentic cookware that you are going to use in your kitchen.

Soon after getting so famous in Spain and nearby countries, the use of Paella pan spread in the world like anything. People related to cooking always keep on searching for new dishes to experiment with. Paella, being an authentic dish, made a special place in the heart of people around the globe. Therefore, manufacturers started selling these pans in almost every country. The fact that people loved the mixture of chicken, white & green beans, snail, rabbit, sweet paprika, mint, saffron, rice, and water increased the spark of this dish. More and more people started trying it.

However, for those who want to make a tasty Paella pan recipe at home will have to know about the use, clean, care, and maintenance of the paella pan. It is not an ordinary pan those are available in the market. To maintain the authentic taste rich food, you have to care for your pan properly. Valencia and their rice field was the primary contributory factor for the invention of this delicious dish. Beginners who do not have any idea about the Spain dishes find it quite challenging to pick and care for the Paella pan. Let us look at some tips and hacks for cleaning and caring for a Paella pan:

Are you using a Paella pan the first time?

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For people who are using a Paella pan for the first time, it is mandatory to clean it. New pans might contain dust particles that settle during the procedure of import, travel, and packaging. Consuming the food cooked in a dirty pan can make you unhealthy. Therefore, here is how you can clean a new Paella pan:

  • Make sure to glance over the instructions given in the packaging of the paella pan. Some of the manufacturers provide a protective layer. They recommend burning it for safety purposes.
  • Next, using warm water and a mild dishwashing soap, clean the surface of the pan. You can also use a scorching pad for scrubbing the dirt off the surface of the pan.
  • Place the pan under the clean running water. Wash it until no more dirty water runs through the pan.
  • Let it air dry, or you can also use a soft microfiber towel to wipe the excess water present on its surface.
  • It is necessary to season the pan to make it more durable & easy to clean. Use olive oil and spread it evenly on the top of the pan using a tissue or kitchen towel.
  • Remove the excess oil using the tissue paper. Now, your pan is all set to try out new recipes.

How to clean the Paella pan regularly?

You must clean your paella pans regularly to assign them a long-lasting life. Paella pans, like any other pans, come in different qualities of material. Therefore, choosing the best paella pan is itself a challenging task for a beginner. Afterward, worrying about caring and cleaning becomes a headache. Therefore, we are here with easy cleaning techniques for all kinds of paella pan:

  • Carbon steel pan:

Carbon steel pans need more attention than the other two types of pan. Most of the manufacturers provide an anti-rusting coating in the pan. Removing this coating before use is mentioned in the packaging. For cleaning the pan after every dish, you can soak it overnight to remove the stubborn stains. Remove the stains by using a scorching pad. At the end, you can add oil for the seasoning of the pan. Make sure that after washing the pan, it is entirely dry. Otherwise, it can become rusty.

  • Stainless steel pan:

The stainless steel paella pans do not require any special attention. You can clean it using a regular dish soap and warm water. Make sure you do not leave the pan empty on the stove. It can lead to discoloration of the pan. This pan can cool down from high temperatures within minutes.

  • Enamel pan:

It is also easy to clean like a stainless steel pan. Make sure you avoid using metallic, scouring pad, and abrasive things on the top surface of the pan. Fill it with warm water, and leave for few hours. Finally, scrub the pan using a nylon brush/pad. It will remove the sticky grit of food stuck on the pan.

How to clean a Paella pan after storing it for several days?

  • For carbon steel pan, you can use a method involving white vinegar. Mix warm water and vinegar to prepare a solution. Using a sand block, scrub the entire surface of the pan. You can use a kitchen towel to wipe off the excess vinegar.

Here are some unknown facts about Paella pans:

Here are some gospel so that you know the paella pans in a better way:

  • It comes in a variety of sizes, from 1 to 8. Choose according to your family size.
  • The thin layer of rice prepared by paella pan is due to its flat shape.
  • Make sure that the burner should cover the area of the whole pan for a better cooking experience.
  • You do not require seasoning for stainless steel and enamel paella pans.
  • Carbon steel paella pans can resist high temperatures readily.


We hope that you will be able to take care of your new paella pan very well now. Thanks for reading. Stay in touch for more informative articles!