How To Properly Grease a Bread Loaf Pan

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The fragrance of baking bread is one of the most satisfying feelings. Baking could be extremely suitable for every beginner when you prepare all the required items before beginning the process. It not only includes assembling the necessary ingredients, but you must have your cookware prepared as well. Well, we all know the fundamental baking process of a round cake. However, if you want to prepare a bread loaf at home, the situation gets a bit tricky. Looking at the current scenario, everyone wants to stay safe by maximum avoidance of consumption of outdoor food products.

Nothing could be safer and satisfactory to your health and taste more than baking at home. We understand the significance of bread in our life. Are you having a tough day? Grab a piece of bread & prepare a sandwich! It feels like paradise for that moment! However, people who are new to this business have a huge confusion. It is something related to the preparation of the bread loaf pans. Yes, we are discussing about how to grease a bread loaf pan properly.

Every amateur baker might have come across a situation where the bread is sticking to the pan. It occurs because of a lack of greasing or improper techniques. If you want to know the right trick for greasing your pan, make sure to read the entire article. It will give you the perfect bakery finished taste! So, let us begin without any further delay:

Here are the ways of greasing the pan:

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A) Using cooking spray & parchment paper:

  • To begin with, take a parchment paper & cut it a little larger than the entire measurement of the pan. You will need two pieces of parchment paper. The first one will be lined along the length of the pan. The second one is for the breadth. Make sure to keep it a little longer.
  • Grab a vegetable oil brush and grease the bottom of the bread loaf pan. Also, apply on the edges. Now, take a parchment paper & stick it to the base. Repeat the similar process on the first parchment paper.
  • Place another parchment paper on the previous one & stick it properly. Roll out the parchment paper so that it locks properly on the sides.
  • To remove the bread loaf after baking, you only have to lift the parchment paper. Pull it gently from the bread & you are already done!

B) Baking sprays can work wonders!

It is a modern advancement in the baking industry. When using a baking spray, you do not require a parchment paper, oil, or butter. You can directly spray it on the interior surface of the bread loaf pan & there you are! Pour your ingredient of choice & bake in a hassle freeway. If you are a person who follows a strict healthy diet, it is a great way to eliminate all those extra calories. It is an easy and effective way to prevent the sticking of bread. Make sure to use the spray on the side and edges as well!

C) With the help of cornmeal & butter/oil:

  • With the help of a brush or clean towel, spread the melted butter/ vegetable oil evenly on the surface of the pan.
  • Sprinkle the cornmeal on the bottom of the pan. Make sure that you make a uniform layer.
  • To remove the bread loaf, flip the pan upside down. It will come off readily. Don’t worry about the cornmeal; it wouldn’t stick to the loaf.
  • After sprinkling the cornmeal on the pan, tap away the extra cornmeal by flipping the pan.

2. Do you know that you can prepare a bread loaf without a pan?

Yes, you heard it right! You can also manage to prepare a bread loaf without a pan. You can shape the bread of your choice & alternatively bake it on the cookie pans. It is an incredible idea if you do not want to invest in a bread loaf pan. It gives your bread loaf a unique shape and taste. Most of the bread recipes can be made with the help of this idea.

3. Remove the bread loaf from the pan like a pro:

To start the removal process of the bread; carefully, use a knife to run in the edges of the pan. It will make sure that even after using the parchment paper, baking spray, or cornmeal, if the bread is stuck with the corners, it gets removed right away! For flipping the bread pan upside down, use a wax paper on the bread. Now you can turn it upside down & go on with delicious bread recipes.

4. Some take home additional tips for you:

  • Make sure to use a toxin-free parchment paper. The brown ones are healthier in contrast to the whites.
  • Make sure to use a decent brand baker spray for satisfactory results.
  • We advise you to grease the baking pans. Yes, even the non-stick ones also require greasing.
  • Melting the butter will help to spread it uniformly. Leaving lumps will not complete the purpose.
  • Instead of throwing the butter wrappers, you can use it as a readymade greased parchment paper in the bread loaf pan.


We hope that you liked our brilliant ideas! Do give it a try and keep visiting us to get information about some more fascinating content. Thanks for reading! Happy baking!