How To Use Ceramic Frying Pans Properly

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Once you start cooking in ceramic cookware, you will not enjoy any other cookware. Similarly, ceramic frying pans are one of the best inventions in the kitchen cookware. These frying pans offer you ease of use. Along with it, maintenance and caring for the ceramic pans is easier than ever. People often term the ceramic frying pans as the future of the cooking world. The non-stick ceramic frying pans are highly trending nowadays. If you are someone who does not like to shop much often, buying a durable frying pan would be a good idea. Looking forward to the ceramic frying pans will never disappoint you!

Not only these pans are easy to use and maintain, but it also takes care of the health of you and your family. If obesity is a prominent condition in your home, a ceramic frying pan contributes to make your life healthier. It minimizes the use of extra oils that causes harm to our body. Deposition of excess fat tissue, along with a sedentary lifestyle is the primary risk factor for obesity. A ceramic frying pan will keep you safe and healthy as it is made from premium food-grade material. It does not eliminate any type of toxic fumes on heating. Also, it can tolerate scratches and high temperatures. What else do we need in life?

If you have recently purchased a ceramic frying pan, using it properly for long-lasting durability could be a confusing aspect. We are here with some tips on how to use, care for, wash, and maintain your ceramic frying pan. Let us have a detailed look:

1. Cleaning it is mandatory

Even if you are bringing a new ceramic frying pan to your home, make sure you clean it thoroughly after opening the packaging. During shipping and packaging of the products, it comes in contact with several dust particles and chemicals which are not visible to naked eyes. Therefore, to keep yourself healthy, it is necessary to clean the pan. You should also clean the pan if you are using it after several days of storage. For proper cleaning of the pan, use dishwashing soap and warm water. If you have stickers on the ceramic frying pan, soaking it in warm water for few minutes will remove it.

2. Seasoning the pan

As such, most of the ceramic pans do not require seasoning. However, these are some of the pans that need periodic seasoning. Therefore, when your pan is new, season it before using it the first time. For subsequent seasoning, it is better to season it every 4-6 months. To begin with, wash and dry the pan. For seasoning the pan, use any seasoning oil and spread it on the top of the pan using a tissue paper. Place the pan on the stove for heating. Do not use high temperatures. Medium flame would be perfect for seasoning. You can also use an oven for it. After heating for 2-3 minutes, bring it down & keep it aside for cooling. Using tissue paper, wipe off the extra oil. Doing it once in 4-6 months will give long life to your ceramic frying pans.

3. Avoid the use of cooking oil sprays

Cooking oil sprays have the primary constituent known as aerosols chemicals in them. Therefore, the aerosol can cause damage to the ceramic coating. Breaking down of the ceramic coating will result in a non-functional frying pan. Also, it causes layering of the pan with oil that is very stubborn to go. If you want to stay away from a dirty looking ceramic pan with a carbonized layer on top, do not use virgin olive oil on these pans. A little amount of butter or other cooking oil will work ideally.

4. Cleaning in the dishwasher is a strict NO!

For cleansing your ceramic pans, the use of a hand washing technique is ideal. Most of the ceramic frying pans are not safe to use in the dishwasher. However, you can always check the label that mentions safe washing techniques. It will also save the pan from scratches.

5. Do not use harsh chemicals

The functionality of the ceramic pan will serve you properly until the coating of the ceramic layer is preserved. Otherwise, once it starts wearing off, it will no more be ideal for cooking. Therefore, avoid the use of harsh chemicals for washing the pan. A mild dishwashing solution will work with it.

6. Never use metal utensils

Metal utensils are not safe for use with ceramic cookware. Even in the frying pans, sharp metal utensils like fork, spoon, spatula, and knives can cause marks. If you use them consistently, it will soon damage the cooking properties of a ceramic frying pan. The use of wooden, rubber, silicone, or nylon utensils are ideal for these pans.

7. Let it cool before cleaning

Before placing the pan in the sink directly after cooking, make sure you leave it for 2-3 minutes. It will allow the pan to cool down. The drastic change in the temperature will again damage the coating. Therefore, you can enjoy the meal and clean it later.

8. Avoid leaving it empty on stove

One of the most disappointing things that one can do to a ceramic frying pan is leaving it vacant on the burner. It will not only damage the coating but also distort the shape of the cookware. The staining resulting after it would be stubborn and tough to go!

9. Handle it carefully

People avoid buying ceramic pans due to their short life span. However, proper handling and caring for the pan can increase its durability. Make sure you do not drop your pan accidentally. Handling it with care will prevent scratches & crack on its surface.

10. Do not use frozen foods directly

As we already mentioned above, that the abrupt temperature changes can deteriorate its functionality. Therefore, before adding the frozen food into the pan directly out of the fridge, wait for a few minutes for its temperature to rise. Once it is at room temperature, you can add it to the frying pan.


Ceramic pans are a great choice of cookware. It is made for premium cooking experiences. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the relish of tasty and healthy cooking, go for it once in life!