Pizza Pans Vs. Pizza Screens: Which One Is Better?

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Are you looking forward to purchasing a pizza pan for your kitchen? What crust do you prefer in pizzas? If you are a Pizza lover, you might be aware of the fact that pizzas crust comes in various forms, from thick to thin, crispy to doughy, and other types of crusts. When it comes to pizza crust preferences, it varies with people. A few people like their crust thick while a few prefer their crust thin and some may even prefer a crispy pizza crust. You might also be aware of the fact that different pizzas are made in different pans, we are going to discuss the pizza pans and pizza screens here. Both of them have their features.

Now, let us have a comparison between a pizza pan and a pizza screen so that you will understand which one is perfect for the pizza of your choice.You can select your preferred pan type with the help of the information provided by us.

Pizza pans vs pizza screens

How to differentiate between a pizza pan and a pizza screen?

Pizza Pans

One can easily differentiate a pizza pan from a screen on the basis of the surface styling. This is because the pizza pans come in a variety of surface styles, including perforated, solid, super perforated, etc. You may find so man options of pizza pan available in the market. Let us talk about some of them here.

  • Coupe-style pizza pan: A regular coupe-style pizza pan is a flat tray that has a rounded rim around it, the rim is known to add strength to the pizza pan. Also, the rounded rims provide easy handling of the pan as compared to other shapes. Coupe-styled pizza pans are mostly made up of aluminum; however, a few of them are also made using cast iron. Coupe pizza pans are popular for their versatility, such as for slicing, baking, and serving pizzas.
  • Deep-dish pans: Deep dishpans are constructed of thick metals. They are mostly used to make a bread-like dough pizza crust. Regardless of the stuffing, deep-dish pans allow the users to make sturdy pizzas. The deep-dish pans have raised sides, this does not allow the pizza to be sliced inside the pan. These pans have a sturdy construction that makes them comparatively durable. Such pans are available from four to twenty-one diameters.
  • Smooth pizza pans:The smooth pizza pans are known to bake thick and bready crusts. This is because they do not contain any hole or texture that provides slow baking of the pizzas. Such pans require oiling before the pizza is put on it.
  • Perforated pizza pans: As the name suggests, the perforated pizza pans contain holes at the bottom. This allows the air to reach the bottom area of the pizza crust. They are known to make crispy pizza crusts with a faster baking process.

Pizza Screens

The Pizza screens are flat disks that are known to cook crispy pizza crusts. Pizza screens can be used in place of pizza stones. They are usually constructed using thin aluminum, and hence they are easy to store. Such pizza pans have a round shape and a diameter between six to twenty-eight inches.

The pizza screens have a mesh construction that is required for baking crispy pizza crusts while the aluminum is meant for an even heat transfer. The mesh consists of small gaps that provide a proper airflow towards the pizza crust.The small holes even allow the heat to transfer through the pizza crust that will fasten up the process of cooking. Pizza screens are perfect to be used in convection ovens and conveyors. So if you like crispy crusts then grab a pizza screen for your kitchen and thank us later.

Which one is better?

This question might not be very easy to answer as both the pizza pans and pizza screens have their advantages. If you want to make a chewy, thick pizza crust, then a coupe pizza pan is perfect for you but if you like a crispy crust then a pizza screen will work better for you. The choice largely depends upon your crust preferences. So, the one that makes the crust of your choice is better for you.