Round Cake Pans Vs. Springform Pans:  Which is Better?

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Want to know whether it’s better to have round cake pans or springform pans?   Our article compares the difference between round cake pans and springform pans and which would be better for you to use with your cake recipe.

Are you new to the world of baking? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through what you need to know about baking!

Baking becomes easier and more effective when you have a good idea about the tools that are going to need.  Yes, we are talking about ‘the pans’.

Pans come in many varieties. This is because of the big variety of different cakes.

To bake a perfect cake, you must know which pan to use. We are going to discuss the differences between a round cake pan and a springform pan. Let us get started

Round cake pans

Round cake pans are the most basic pans you can use in baking.  They would have been all your grandmother would have had to use and they would have been made of steel.  All other cake pans have been modified from these.

Round cake pans are perfect for baking layer cakes.  Depending on the type of cake you are baking, for example, a rainbow cake, you can use 3 different pans.  One for each color.  If you are making a sponge cake or pound cake, slice the cake in half to add your filling.

Round cake pans are made from many different materials.  It’s up to you as to which one you choose.  These cake pans come in metal, aluminum, stone, glass, stainless steel, and silicone.  Scratch-free round pans are also available.

Line cake pans with parchment paper

It is always best to line your cake pan with parchment or baking paper before adding the cake mixture.  This is to make sure the cake doesn’t stick to the pan.  Even non stick pans will stick after a couple of uses.  Using paper will also keep your cake pan clean and in good condition for longer.  The best way to remove your cake from a round cake pan is to invert it onto a plate and peel of the paper from the base.   Then place a cooling rack on the bottom of the cake and carefully flip the plate over so the cake is now sitting on the cooking rack.  A little tricky but you’ll get the hang of it after a couple of times.

Round cake pans can be used in gas or electric ovens.  Try to keep them on the middle shelf for the best results.  Do not use metal or aluminum in a microwave oven as they will spark.

Round cake pans range anywhere from $5 to $35.   It is a budget-friendly pan.

Round Cake Pan Sizes

The most common round cake pan sizes are 6 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch.  Most of them have a depth of 1- 1.5 inches.  This should cover most cake recipes.

Most round cake pans are available in a combination of sizes.  This means you can get 2-3 pans at a reasonable cost.  It is best to buy a set of round cake pans as different recipes want different sizes.  Using a cake pan that is too large gives you a thin cake.  Using one that is too small for the recipe will cause the mixture to overflow.

Springform pans

Springform pans are a great invention for baking.  It is easy to bake with a springform pan because you don’t have to invert your cake to remove it.

You can bake normal layered cakes and use double the mixture to get a higher cake.   This means you only have to use one pan so less washing up.  If you are doing a rainbow cake you will still need a round pan.  It is also great for baking tasty and delicious cheesecakes.

Springform pans are available in two different sizes.  That is 9 inches or 10 inches.  The depth ranges between 1.5 to 2 inches.

They also come in many different shapes such as square, rectangle, and round.  This helps you to bake the cake of the shape which you – or your family – desire.

Like any cake pan,  it needs to be lined by parchment or baking paper.  Pre greasing is required.  They say a non-stick pan eliminates the need for this step – it is still recommended though.

Springform pans are easy to handle as they come with a pull ring and a base. This avoids flipping the pan upside down however you can still remove the cake from the base with an egg flip or cake slice.  In this way, the shape of the cake is preserved.

As the side needs to move and flex to be removed these pans only come in a metal such as tin, aluminum and stainless steel.

The average price of a springform pan is anywhere in between 13$ to 35$.  They are well worth the money.

Cheesecake pans

Springform pans are ideal for cheesecake pans.  They have a higher side that you can add your base.  The base can be made of biscuits crumbs or pastry and the cheesecake cooked or cold set.   The best feature about cheesecake pans being springform is that the cake doesn’t need to be inverted.

Cheesecake pans have a base that is left on.  You can serve your cheesecake directly from this base.  Once the cake is set you can remove the springform side completely and the cake should retain its shape.

Which one of these two pans is better?

Deciding if round cake pans or springform pans are better is really dependant on the cake you are making.

Sponge or pound cakes are better made in a round cake pan.

Cheesecakes are definitely better in a springform pan.

Your recipe will give you the size and style of cake pan needed for the best baking results.


Final words…

Round cake pans are great for baking cakes for any occasion.  They commonly come in 6 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch diameters and are usually around 1.5 inches deep.   They come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, copper, or scratch-free.

These pans are ideal for sponge or pound cakes or layered cakes.

Always use parchment or baking paper to line the pan before adding your cake mixture as this will stop the cake from sticking to the pan.

Springform pans are ideal for larger, higher cakes such as cheesecake.

Not all cake mixtures suit a springform pan as very runny mixtures can seep through the joint.  Using baking paper to line the pan helps with leakage.

It is best to follow your cake recipe to find out which cake pan to use.