Stainless Steel Pan Vs Copper Pan: Pros & Cons

When it comes to buying the right type of cooking pan, then most of the people want some of the features in their desired cooking pan, like durable, easy to use, budget-friendly, versatility, etc. We are sure that if we ask the same question from you what type of feature you want in a cooking pan? Then most of you will definitely answer or add above-listed features. RIght? But the one most important point that any homemaker should never ignore while making a purchase related to cooking pans and that is the material section.

Therefore here we have decided to introduce this post where we are going to talk about some of the pros and cons of two very popular plus common materials of cooking pan. Yes, you got it right, this post is going to be all about stainless steel and copper pans.

 Steel Pan Vs Copper Pan

Stainless Steel Pans

When you head over to the market to buy a cooking pan for your kitchen, so you will easily find out that most of the manufacturing companies are making the stainless steel pans commonly. There is a higher chance that if you are reading this post, then you may have one of them in your kitchen as well.

It’s because the stainless steel pans are very common and have some other features that many people and professional cooks like about these pans. However, there are some disadvantages also present that you should need to know about before going with any cooking pan option.

Pros of Stainless Steel Pans

There are many advantages present to using a stainless steel pan in your kitchen, and here we have compiled a shortlist of best pros of stainless steel pans.

  • Matchless Durability 

Most of the time, people prefer to buy the stainless steel pan instead of any other materials of the pan because they can’t provide durability like stainless steel ones. However, some of the manufacturing companies are providing the alloy material which can be beneficial for the long term uses as well.

  • Non-Reactive 

It is the point that the professional cooks like most about stainless steel pan that it doesn’t react with the food even after higher temperatures. This is how you can easily use this type of pans while making or cooking alkaline or acidic foods.

  • No Rust/Corrosion 

If you are familiar with the stainless steel material, then you may know that stainless steel is a non-rust or corrosion-free material. In short, while using a pan of the same material in your kitchen, you don’t need to mess up with the rusting and corrosion issues even after a very long term use.

  • Reliable Heat Conductivity 

When it comes to heat conductivity or heat transfer, then also the stainless steel material proves to be a reliable heat conductor, which is pretty essential while cooking food. In simple words, you can surely expect better and even heat distribution from the stainless steel material pans.

  • Shiny Look 

You can’t deny the fact that the stainless steel material looks awesome when shined or polished well. Some people prefer to choose the stainless steel pans for their kitchen because of the fantastic shiny looks.

Cons of Stainless Steel Pans

There are some of the drawbacks that also present this material, and if you can ignore them, then you can go forward to buy this material of pan for your kitchen.

  • Can’t Cook Without Fat/Oil 

When it comes to cooking food with low or almost zero fat or oil, then believe it or not the stainless steel material can’t serve you better in this case. However, if you have decided to go with the non-stick coated one, then you can easily tackle this problem.

  • Need Attention Before Cleaning 

Before cleaning the stainless steel pan, the experts recommended that you should first give a gentle scrubbing before going forward. It is essential to ensure proper and scratch-free cleaning.

Copper Pans

Copper pans are not that common in the market, but some people prefer to use this type of pans as well. When you heat over to the market, then you will come to know that many companies are offering the copper-plated pans, but here we are going to talk about the pure copper built cooking pans.

Mostly the people know about the one very common advantage of copper material, and that is the even heat distribution. But here we are going to share some of the other benefits as well as the drawbacks of copper cooking pans below.

Pros of Copper Pans

  • Heat Distribution 

Like we mentioned earlier that most people know only about this plus-point of copper material of pans. It is true that in terms of heat distribution, no other material of pans can beat copper material.

  • Highly Durable

Copper pans are also very durable for long term uses, but the only term is that you should always take care and maintenance of copper pans. It is how you can easily use the copper material built pans for several years.

  • Fast Heat Change 

Other than the excellent heat distribution, the copper pans also can adapt the heat quickly. In simple words, when you turn the temperatures to lower, the pan will quickly adapt to the heat changes.

  • Looks Amazing And Traditional 

If you are a person who loves the traditional looking pots and pans, then the copper built pans can be an excellent option for you. Most of the time, people prefer to buy copper pans because of their shiny and golden finishing.

Cons of Copper Pans

  • Highly Reactive 

Quite the opposite of stainless steel material, copper, is a highly reactive material. In other words, when you cook alkaline or acidic food with a copper pan, then it will show the reactions.

  • Require Extra Care and Maintenance 

If you have decided to purchase a copper material built pan and you want to use it for long term uses. In this case, you have to invest extra efforts in the maintenance section of copper pans.

  • High Cost 

It is the main reason why many people prefer to buy other materials of pans instead of copper ones. It’s because most of the time the copper pans cost way higher than the standard stainless steel and aluminum pans.