What is a Crepe Pan? Its Uses and Advantages

Who does not like to eat crepes? Almost of all us love pancakes and these crepes are the thin version of these pancakes. These crepes are made using the same batter, but you don’t add any raising agent like baking powder or baking soda into it. You make them using milk, wheat flour, butter, egg, and salt. You can make these crepes in two different flavors, one is sweet, and the other is savory. The batter is prepared in watery consistency. With the help of very little batter, you will be able to make crepes. Many people make crepes in regular frying pans. But with the regular frying pans, you will not be able to them as thin as they should be, even when you are using a non-stick pan. So, to make the best crepes, you need to make use of the crepe pans. They are exclusively made for crepes.

crepe pan

The crepe pans are made using cast-iron metal, and sometimes you can even find them in enameled cast-iron. You can choose any of these options. They have a non-stick coating and can be heated to very high temperatures, much higher than the regular non-stick pan. These are heavy as they are made of iron. You need to be extra careful if you are not having a proper handle for the pan as there are chances that the handle is also super hot. So, always choose a crepe pan with proper handle. You will be able to find them in carbon steel as well, but they are not a very popular option. Cast iron pans are the best and safe option for making crepes. Usually, they are available in round shape, but you can also find them in a square shape as well. They are also available in different sizes, which makes it easy for you to pick the size of your choice.

Uses of Crepe Pans:

Usually, when you are buying cookware for your kitchen, you use it only for the purpose for which you bought it. But sometimes, certain cookware can be used in many other ways than you think they can be used.

Here is a small list about how you can make use of the crepe pans in your kitchen:

  • Making Naan: Naan is one of the favorite bread across the world. Usually, you eat them at restaurants. But if you have a crepe pan at home, you will be able to make them very easily in your kitchen. You can check out the hundreds of videos on the internet and get started. The low sides of the pan make it easy for you to flip the naan and the non-stick coating gives a perfect color to your naan.
  • Pita: Making of pita required a high-quality non-stick pan and a crepe pan is a perfect choice for it.
  • Tortillas: Tortillas are also a kind of bread, and you will have to flip them before they are overcooked. The lower sides of the crepe pan make it perfect cookware for making Tortillas.
  • Dosa making: If you or your family members love eating crispy dosa, then this crepe pan can be a perfect choice. You will be able to roast a dosa well, and you can make as thin as possible to make them crispy.

Advantages of using Crepe Pan:

Like we already discussed, crepes can be made even with a regular frying pan. But why do people use the crepe pans only? There are several advantages of using a crepe pan, and here is a list of a few of them.

  • Affordable option: If you are comparing the crepe makers with crepe pans, then you should understand that the crepe makers are unique cookware for making the crepe and they are very expensive. So, if you are looking for making the best crepes at an affordable price, then the crepe pans are the best choice. You will be able to make crepes and still be able to save some money.
  • Ease of cleaning: When compared to the crepe makers that are available in the market, these crepe pans are very easy to clean and do not take a lot of your time.
  • Portable and light: Crepes are a very easy recipe, and you may want to take them anywhere, while you are at a picnic with friends or family. For that, you may need a crepe maker, but crepe makers are very heavy, and hence you should always stick to a lighter and portable option, which are the crepe pans.
  • Ease of making or using: To make perfect crepes, you need to make sure that the batter is in watery consistency. You will have to use a small amount of batter and spread it all over the pan for a thin crepe. But that is not possible with a crepe maker. You will not be able to spread it by tilting, so you will need a spatula for doing the job.
  • Defined edges: In a crepe maker there is no defined edge, and so you will have to be very careful when you are spreading the batter. But with a crepe pan, the edges are defined, and it is very easy to spread the batter without any worry. Especially for those who are making them for the first time, these crepe pans are very useful.
  • Easy flipping: When you are making crepes, you will have to flip them at least once to make perfect crepes. With shorter edges, it is very easy for you to flip the crepe when you are making them.

For making any kind of recipe, the cookware plays an important role. If you are not having the right cookware, even if you are an expert in making a particular recipe, you will end up with bad taste, shape, or badly cooked food. Always make sure that you are having the right crepe pans when you are making crepes. They are very thin and there are more chances of burning. So, get the best crepe pans and cook the best crepes at home.