What is a Tart Pan? Its Uses and Advantages

Who wants to eat a freshly baked tart? Many of you must have said, “ME” to this simple question. Yes, many people love eating tarts, and they are easily available in a bakery near you. But don’t you think that a tart freshly baked at home is far better than the one that you buy from the market? Yes, freshly baked food is always tasty and healthy as well. A tart is made using a pastry base with some tasty fillings. There is no top pastry covering for a tart. Usually, the fillings are savory or sweet; it depends on your individual choice. Nowadays, people are opting for healthy tarts, and hence they prefer fruit fillings while making tarts. You can also make them with custard fillings as well.

For making the best tart, you will have to get home the best tart pans. Yes, you will be able to make perfect tart only with specially designed pans. As there are many tart pans in the market from many different brands, you will have to be very careful while picking one. One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying it is you should pick a tart pan that comes with a removable base. When there is a removable base, it gets easy for you to shift the tart from the pan to the serving plate. You can easily remove the outer ring and then shift it to a plate.

Gourmia GPA9375 Mini Tart Pans

When it comes to the shape and size of the tart, you will have to pick it based on the requirements. If you want to make bigger tarts, then you will have to go for bigger pans like at least 9 inches pan, or you can also try those small mini tarts with mini pans. If you have kids at home, then you should get a mini tart pan also, because the kids love such designs. Now coming to the shape, the common tart pan shape is round with fluted design. But if you want to make it more interesting and funny, you can also choose from the other designs that are available in the market like the square pans and rectangular pans.

Tart pans come in various thicknesses, like 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches. The thickness of the tart pan plays a very important role, so make sure that you are choosing the right thickness. A pan with 1.5 inches to 2 inches will deliver the best results. You can even go with a pan of one-inch thickness as well. The bottom of the pan should be thick so that the heat is distributed evenly and makes the best tarts without burning the base of the tart.

You may find them in different kinds of material, but heavy-duty carbon steel is a good material for tart pans.

There are many uses and advantages of a tart pan. Let us have a look at them:

Uses of Tart pans

When people must be thinking about what are the other ways to get the best out of the tart pan. Anything that can be prepared by baking can be prepared in this tart pan.  Apart from just making a tart, you will also be able to make:

  • Brownie: Yes, you just need to grease the tart pan with butter and then pour the brownie batter into it. Now start baking it and then unmold it. You can now serve yummy brownie tart. You may have started making brownie, but you ended up with brownie tart.
  • Pie: If you have a long and rectangular tart pan, then you should try making pie. It will turn into slab pie, but the taste is going to be just yum. Try adding egg custard to the crust of the pie, and it will turn into a slab quiche. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Focaccia: Focaccia is always going to look amazing, and if you can place that dough into the tart pan, then you are making even better Focaccia for yourself.
  • Jelly: You can even make jelly in the tart pan by placing it in the freezer. Most of the time, they are freezer safe, and hence you can make some jelly tart at home.
  • Freeze ice: If you want a large piece of ice for making a punch bowl, then you can try freezing ice in the tart pan. That will help you get a large piece of ice in the tart shape.

Advantages of Tart pans

There are several advantages of using tart pans like:

  • You will be able to make the perfect tart when you are using the tart pans.
  • You can find different kinds of tart pans in different sizes and shapes, and that makes it possible for you to make something different from the regular tarts that you make every time.
  • Open base tart pans make it easy for you to move the tart from the pan to the serving plate without disturbing the crust or crispy base of the tart.
  • They are affordable and available almost everywhere, and hence if you wish to buy one for yourself, then you need not have to waste a lot of your time.

When you have the right tart pan in your kitchen, and you start making tarts, you are going to fall in love with tarts. You can even look for the best tart pans in the online stores. There are several options available for you. There are some amazing tart recipes available on the internet, and they can help you try different kinds of tarts at home. If your kids love tarts, then it is time you try more different recipes of tarts so that they will love them more. One of the best things about tart is you can make them healthier by adding healthy fillings like fresh fruits. This way, you can even give fresh fruits to your kids.

So, get your tart pan today and start baking fresh tarts for your loved ones.