10 Best Carbon Steel Pans 2021 – Expert Reviews and Guide

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If you love sautéing food and do not choose to have the right pans, we understand what you might feel daily. Pans help stir fry, sauté, brown as well as shallow fry foods very well. You can choose to make vegetarian dishes and the ones that have meat in them if you own a frying pan. As they have got a handle, they turn out to work very well no matter what. The cooking area that pans offer is perfect for making all kinds of dishes in your kitchen. For a good cook, a good pan is indeed a must.

People choose cast iron pans frequently. However, you should know that those pans are quite brittle. This means that even when they are tough, they might break in two quite easily. Additionally, some of the cast iron pans also have compromised heat retention. To avoid that, you must try looking at pans made out of carbon steel. Carbon steel pans are known well to be lighter than cast iron pans. Carbon steel pans are also known to spread and retain heat better than any other material.

Moreover, these pans are comparatively known to be less brittle, so they offer higher durability. One can find such pans locally; however, we have some options that you can find easily online. After your purchase, the pans will reach your home directly. All of our picks have got excellent reviews that will impress you a lot. We have also tried to come up with everything that we like and didn’t like about the pans that we have mentioned.

Best Buy Carbon Steel Pans Reviews

Let us look at all of them below –

1. De Buyer MINERAL Carbon Steel Fry Pan

De Buyer MINERAL Carbon Steel Fry Pan

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Before we bring any other fry pan, we have to discuss the one by De Buyer brand pan, you will definitely love this product. It is a MINERAL B Fry Pan known to be perfect for stir-frying food. Many people have used it every day to make their favorite meals perfectly that, too, at their homes’ convenience. Additionally, you can clean it quite quickly; however, you are not required or supposed to use detergents on it. It has a coating of bee wax on it so that it does not get affected by oxidation, and you become capable of using it for years.

We love how it does not have PTFE or PFOA, which are some chemicals you will surely find in regular and local fry pans in the market. It is made in France and has two handles on its design, out of which one is flat while the other one is looped. Even though the De Buyer Carbon Steel fry pan’s price is a little high, you will get to use it for years, which is why it is suitable for a long-term fry pan at your home. The handle is hand riveted and has the French curve, which serves perfectly well when you flip, stir or sauté food.

Things we liked:

  • Instead of PFOA, the pan has a beeswax coating on it.
  • For proper and easy handling, it has got two handles in its design.
  • It is excellent for browning and sealing.
  • The flat handle has got a French curve, which helps a lot when you are flipping food.
  • This fry pan is surely a French gastronomy symbol.

Things we didn’t like:

  • This fry pan is so perfect that we do not have anything we didn’t like about it.

2. Lodge Carbon Steel Preseasoned Fry Pan

Lodge Carbon Steel Preseasoned Fry Pan

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The Lodge Carbon Steel Fry Pan is famous for its preseasoned design. Pre seasoning of frypans is a process where the cookware is coated with either beeswax or vegetable oils. The pans do not get rusted as they sit on the store shelves or in the warehouse. It is manufactured using the 12-gauge carbon steel, which heats evenly and also retains that heat for quite a long time. This way, you get to cook your food perfectly without needing high levels of heat continuously. It can be used on all types of cooktops. Additionally, one can also use the Lodge skillet pan on an open fire and outdoor grills.

Its easy-release finish is something that gets better and better after each use. Furthermore, to improve its life, the user can also coat it with vegetable oil and see its long-term benefits. The fry pan is made in the USA and is available in different sizes. It all depends on the type and amount of food you cook in it in every meal. From that, you can decide the type of skillet that you might need while you use it. With its bent and long handle, you will get to use it safely at all times. Once you get the Lodge Carbon Steel Fry Pan, you will surely not look for any other fry pans in the market.

Things we liked:

  • The dark black design of the skillet pan looks chic.
  • It is made in the United States and comes preseasoned.
  • The user can also rub some vegetable oil on it for enhanced and better life.
  • You can choose from different dimensions of the Lodge skillet pan.
  • Other than all types of cooktops, you can also use it on the open fire and outdoor grills.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Using the pan initially might require extra greasing with butter or cooking oil.

3. BK Cookware Black Carbon Steel Skillet with a Black Design

BK Cookware Black Carbon Steel Skillet

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Having a skillet with a strong handle is very crucial. After all, who would like to get a skillet whose handle gets broken only after a few months of usage? Thus, we have the BK Cookware Carbon Steel Skillet with us right now. It is hugely light in weight, which is why you will get to mix food very well in it. With one hand, you can hold its handle, and with the other, you can stir your food in whichever way and speed you want. Since it is preseasoned one can use it directly as soon as they get it. The overall black design is a bit of a signature look which looks quite modern.

If you have difficulties looking for a lid that fits perfectly on the skillet, you can try buying the one that comes from BK Cookware. Yes, the same company also produces lids for their skillets. This way, finding the right-fitting lid is very easy. The skillet has also got a nonstick patina layer over it, which helps keep the food from sticking on the skillet while getting cooked. It also indeed reduces the amount of oil that the food might need to get cooked evenly. Since it is metal utensil safe, you can also use metal spoons and saucepans on it. Additionally, it has also got a cast iron handle.

Things we liked:

  • This is a metal utensil safe carbon steel skillet.
  • Black Carbon Steel is more durable than traditional carbon steel.
  • Its riveted solid handle is very strong.
  • The nonstick patina layer on the skillet will get better after each use.

Things we didn’t like:

  • This black carbon steel skillet cannot be used on induction cooktops.

4. Lodge Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

Lodge Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

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The Lodge Pre Seasoned skillet is truly what we always want in a carbon steel skillet. This is surely the second product from Lodge that we are describing here. It is so tough that you can use it for decades, and it will still not crack or give up. The heat retention of the skillet is also something that one must find truly fantastic. It is a skillet that you will love using on the open fire. However, one can also buy it for indoor cooking and not be disappointed. For an easy release, it is coated with natural oil. For its proper care, you have to dry it as soon as you finish washing it.

Care instructions are things that people tend to avoid. But if you do follow them, you will get to use this skillet more than average. Other than that, you can also serve food directly on it as it just adds to the presentation. The food that you serve in it will display the love and care you have used while cooking. It will also add a beautiful and lovely traditional touch to the dinner table always. If you do not find it comfortable using the 15-inch skillet, you can also go with the ones with a lesser diameter than that. Vegetarian food, as well as all types of meats, can be cooked perfectly on this skillet.

Things we liked:

  • This is the best skillet for open fire cooking.
  • It has got an easy-release finish, which will prevent food from sticking to it.
  • The heat will always be retained well in it.
  • The high heat retention will also help a lot in searing and browning food.
  • It is available in a small as well large diameter.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The skillet has a pair of looped handles and has no flat handles.
  • This won’t help if you want to flip food in it.

5. Winco French Fry Pan with Extra-Long Handle

Winco French Fry Pan

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We all know Winco for the amount of work and detailing they put into manufacturing their pans. Right now, we have their French Fry Pan with us. French Fry Pans are known to have the curved handles. The French curve is known to serve exceptionally well when it comes to stirring food. One can learn how to flip foods, and this will help them toss veggies and pancakes very well. Its triple-riveted handle will not fall off, no matter the amount of food you have on the frying pan. Additionally, the pan’s height is such that as you stir food or do some shallow frying, it will never fall off.

With that, you will get to have a clean kitchen countertop and less food wastage. One can choose from different sizes of the pan, but according to us, the one with the 11-inch diameter will serve everyone’s needs perfectly. The carbon steel construction is so smooth that you won’t even find a single defect in it. It is well polished and makes with the best carbon stainless steel. Additionally, it has also got a design that is less brittle than the cast iron pans. Therefore, it will be less prone to breakage when you hit it accidentally while handling it.

Things we liked:

  • The weight of this fry pan is quite less.
  • It has got a long handle, which helps keep your hand away from the burners and heating oil in the pan.
  • The handle is riveted instead of being welded on the pan, which will help it last longer.
  • The sidewalls of this pan are curved so that food never spills out.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Food might build up in the pan’s rivets, so you have to clean it properly with care.

6. HITECLIFE Wok Pan with No Chemicals


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The HITECLIFE Wok Pan is known for its smooth design and detachable handle. This handle is made from wood and can be detached from the Wok pretty easily. With that, you will get to reduce the storage space when you are taking it somewhere else. Additionally, when you stop using it in your kitchen, then also you can do the detachment. After being processed with oxidized and nitriding treatment, this is one of the Woks that three-time temperature smelting and also ensure temperature and corrosion resistance. It is more of a Chinese wok, which will retain heat better and work a lot better than the regular iron woks.

For its exquisite spinning workmanship, which makes the Wok look shiny, we will give the product full points always. Even when the Wok is lightweight, it is still firm and will surely help you lead a better lifestyle as you try making stir-fried veggies, egg fried rice, and much more in it. Over the years, the pan has turned out to be the best kitchen assistant that one can have while sautéing, stir-frying, and shallow frying their food. It is an over safe Wok, which can also be cleaned quite easily. You will like using it year after year in your kitchen.

Things we liked:

  • The handle of this Wok can be detached for easy storage.
  • It is known well for its tough Chinese design.
  • One can use it every day for sautéing and stir-frying their food.
  • Its shiny appearance will not fade even after years of usage.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The round wooden handle has got a shape that might slip and won’t offer you a grip as strong as the flat handles.

7. De Buyer Carbon Steel Omelette Pan (9.5-inch diameter)

De Buyer Carbon Steel Omelette Pan

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Next, we have the De Buyer Carbon Steel Omelet Pan, which has got a diameter of 9.5 inches. A pan like that serves very well as that diameter is known to be perfect for making a meal for an individual or a couple of people. Because of the round skirt shape, you will get to make the perfect round omelets on it. This way, your omelets will look perfect as they will get the round shape easily on the pan. De Buyer pans are known to be coated well with beeswax. Beeswax is a natural substance that helps avoid rusting when the pan is in warehouses. As the pan is thick, you will get to caramelize food very well.

After all, caramelization leads to the best taste in food at all times. With the perfect bend handle of the pan, you will never find it tough to flip your omelets. Other than making omelets, this ing cookpan will also help you make stir-fried noodles, stir-fried veggies, pancakes, and much more. It will be the cookware that you would want to use every day to make your meals. However, one should not wash this pan using detergents. You should only use liquid soaps on it or just wipe it clean with some cleaning paper and then continue. This will help you use less soap as you move on to wash it.

Things we liked:

  • The handle of this pan is flat, which is why it is easy to hold.
  • The round shape of the pan lets you make perfect omelets.
  • One can do all kinds of stir-frying and shallow frying in this pan.
  • It has got nonstick properties that are completely natural.

Things we didn’t like:

  • You cannot use this pan for cooking food in the oven.

8. BALLARANI Professionale Carbon Steel 3000 Fry Pan

BALLARANI Professionale Carbon Steel 3000 Fry Pan

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This 9.5-inch fry pan by BALLARANI is truly something that every cook would want to have in the kitchen. Not only is it made using the best quality finishing, but it also comes at a hugely economical price. Its long handle will help you have the safest cooking. After all, when you are dealing with cooking oil, its droplets might splash onto your hands accidentally. With a long handle, you won’t feel such stings in your hands ever. It is also available in 11-inch diameter. Its color resembles that of steel, and it looks exquisite with a smooth finish all over.

Other than that, the pan’s sidewalls are sloped and offer help in easy tossing. You will also find it easier to sauté food in the BALLARANI Carbon Steel Pan. As it is made in Italy, you can be sure of its cooking abilities that will always help you have the ease while cooking using it. The pan has high durability and is still lightweight. Isn’t that amazing? With this pan, stir-frying will also be a cinch. Its heat conduction is truly unparalleled, and you can use it on stovetops as well as ovens. One must surely try the BALLARANI Professionale Fry Pan once.

Things we liked:

  • The angle of the handle of this fry pan is splendid.
  • Its wall helps in easy tossing and sautéing of food.
  • As it is made using carbon steel, it is known to be less brittle than iron fry pans.
  • You can also cook food in it by putting the frying pan in the oven.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The nonstick surface might come off if you do not take good care of this carbon steel pan.

9. KYTD Carbon Steel Wok and Stir Fry Flat Pan

KYTD Carbon Steel Wok and Stir Fry Flat Pan

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Woks are used a lot when it is about preparing any dish from Chinese Cuisine. One cannot make the best-fried rice without a good wok. Therefore, we have the KYTD Carbon Steel Wok with us. Not only is this a wok, but people also use it as a pan to fry food. Other than frying, one can also braise, steam, and deep fry the food in it. The Wok is 1.5mm thick and made using the string black carbon steel. Additionally, it is not going to rust as KYTD is known to incorporate the nitriding craftsmanship while they make their carbon steel woks.

One can use the Wok on all kinds of burners, including induction cooktops. This surely makes it accessible and usable for everyone. Furthermore, you should know that the lid of the Wok comes in the deal. Therefore one won’t have to waste time and money finding the lid that fits on the Wok. After all, one cannot easily find lids that will fit perfectly on the Wok. Therefore, having the one that is in the deal helps a lot. The handle of the Wok is made of wood, which is known to not conduct heat at all. It is fixed on the woks using three screws and is surely not going to fall or come off.

Things we liked:

  • One can prepare a variety of dishes in this carbon steel wok.
  • You can also cook food using different cooking techniques.
  • The lid of the Wok will come with it in the deal.
  • The handle of the Wok is fixed tightly and is made out of wood.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The Wok is not as deep as traditional woks and can be seen as more of a blend of a wok and a frying pan.

10. Merten & Storck Frying Pan with Strong Handle

Merten & Storck Frying Pan

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Let us now come to the Merten % Storck Frying Pan which has a diameter of 12 inches. From making French Toast to frying some veggies, you can go everything amazingly using this frying pan. The heat distribution is so quick that you will feel as if it is a cast-iron frying pan. Since it is preseasoned, you will see how it is amazingly nonstick at all the time. This carbon steel frying pan can also be put in the oven, where it will safely work up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit without having any damages to its structure and surface. You have to hand wash it only as carbon steel needs to be maintained like that.

If the 12-inch diameter of the pan is too large for you, you can also go with the 10-inch or 8-inch diameter according to the pan size that you are the most comfortable with. It heats quicker than most of the frying pans out there and is also known to spread that heat evenly without creating any hotspots on the pan’s surface. People have used it for outdoor and indoor cooking and claimed how it works well and helps cook the best food in both the environments. It is shipped with a silicone coating over it so that it does not develop any kind of scratches over it.

Things we liked:

  • The handle of this carbon steel fry pan will always give you a good grip and hold.
  • Its price is not too high, yet its quality matches with most of the high-end fry pan that you get to see in the market.
  • One can choose the pan from diameters of 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.
  • From frying fish to crafting omelets, this is the fry that you must have and would surely need.

Things we didn’t like:

  • You will have to make sure to clean it in the best ways to have it for a longer time in the kitchen.

How To Choose The Right Carbon Steel Pan for Your Kitchen

We have brought some of the primary facets of the features that you should think of very well when you get to buy a carbon steel pan. All the requisite factors for consideration are mentioned below –

Consider the pan’s thickness

Carbon steel pans that are thick offer better cooking performance. They do not get food stuck on them easily, and you can also caramelize the food when you are cooking on such pans. However, this thickness should not be too much, as that will reduce the heat retention feature of the pan. Usually, a thickness of 1.5 mm works pretty well. Such pans absorb and spread heat very easily and yet allow you to use all your cooking techniques while you get to prepare your tasty food recipes in the kitchen.

Consider the size of the carbon steel pan

Carbon steel pans are surely loved a lot as they are known to be less brittle than cast iron frying pans. They are highly durable and allow you to cook food in all kinds of environments. However, the size of the carbon steel pan must always be taken into account. After all, you must be comfortable using the pan in such a way that you are able to toss as well as stir fry very well on it. Additionally, if the pan is too large, it will create problems as it will not fit inside your oven.

Consider the handle of the carbon steel pan

We tend to love carbon steel pans that come with a flat and long handle. Not only are these pans’ handles easy to grip, but they also keep your hand away from the burner. This way, you get to have a safe time in the kitchen. We divide the carbon steel pan’s handle into three types:

  • Flat Handles: These handles, as mentioned, are easy to grip and have a holdover.
  • Round Wooden Handles: As such handles are round, you must have them slipping a little, but the wooden material will help keep the heat away from it.
  • Looped Handles: Pans with looped handles might be present without the flat handle or with the flat handle. When they are present with the flat handle, the loop handle is usually single. However, when they are present in a pair, the pan will be more suitable for outdoor cooking.

Care Instructions and Oven-Safe Nature

Carbon steel pans are durable and utilitarian, but you need to take proper care of them. They cannot be left wet for too long. So as soon as you wash them, you have to wipe them dry perfectly. You are also not supposed to use detergents on them as detergents prove to be very harsh on the pan. Other than that, some people might want to cook in the pan by putting it inside the oven. Not every carbon steel pan is going to allow you to do that. Therefore, check such things when you have to choose a frying pan made out of carbon steel.

Brand of the Carbon Steel Pan and its price

Nonetheless, we have mentioned the best brands in our list of numerous carbon steel pans. However, if you are looking for such pans at a different place, you should have a good idea about the brand. With good brands, you get to have the perks of warranty as well as return offers. Apart from that, the price of the carbon steel pan also matters a lot. You can choose from different points from the range of carbon steel pan that we have mentioned. All of the pans are truly amazing and will help you have good cooking time.

Carbon Steel Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the right way to maintain the carbon steel pan?

It is quite an easy task to maintain the carbon steel pan. You need to follow a three-step procedure while taking care of the pan. Start with washing the pan with your hand, and you can use detergent along with a scraper or a pad to remove the deposits from the pan. After washing it with detergent, you can dry the pan using a cloth or a paper towel. In the last step, all you need to do is that you need to season the pan. There are two ways to season the carbon steel pan. You can use hand rub the oil, or you can use the seasoning spray.

  • What dishes can I make in a carbon steel pan?

You will be happy to know that you can use the carbon steel pan for cooking almost anything. You can use the carbon steel pan for searing, stir-frying, and you can even use it for sautéing the ingredients. In such a case, you can make almost anything in the carbon steel pan. You will be able to make the sauce, sautéed vegetables, grilled meat, vegetables, curry, and many other things. Honestly, the carbon steel pan offers a great amount of utility in the kitchen.

  • What oil should I use to season the carbon steel pan?

One of the best oil to season your carbon steel pan is soybean oil. The smoking point of the soybean oil is among the height, and it is close to 234 C. The advantage of seasoning the carbon steel pan with soybean oil is that you will be able to use almost anything to cook. With soybean oil, you won’t have to worry about the burning of oil. Moreover, it will not impact the flavor of the food as well. Alternatively, you can use peanut oil, avocado oil, canola oil, and even vegetable oil for seasoning the carbon steel pan.

  • What is the advantage of a carbon steel pan?

You will notice that a lot of chefs use carbon steel pan. It is mainly because of the versatility that it offers. Moreover, the cast iron gets heated quickly and evenly. In such a case, the pan helps in even the browning of the food. Another advantage of the carbon steel pan is that it is pretty lightweight. Hence, it allows you to toss vegetables, eggs, and meat easily. A carbon steel pan is one of the easiest pans to handle, and we can assure you that you will love it once you start using it permanently in your kitchen.

  • Why is my carbon steel pan feel so sticky?

The only reason why your carbon steel pan is sticky is that you have applied way too much oil during the seasoning. Now, there are two ways to correct it. The first way is to clean the pan with a paper towel and absorb as much oil as possible. This should ideally do the job, but if you are still not able to remove the oil, then the next way is to use a scrubbing pad and detergent to wash the pan. Remember that the detergent can quickly help in getting rid of the oil. After that, dry the pan and season it again.

Bottom Line

We aimed to bring you the best and the most loved carbon steel pans. You will get to see them in different sizes and diameters. If you wish to have the right pan, you can also try reading our thorough yet precise buying guide that will help you get to understand all the right things about carbon steel pans. A carbon steel pan is indeed one of the best kitchen pans.