8 Best Tart Pans 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Looking for the best tart pan to add to your bakeware?  Our detailed review compares the top 10 best tart pans for you to use in your kitchen and cook up a storm for your family.

Making pizzas, cakes, popovers, and muffins are very common.  But tarts are very different from these foods. It is a lot of fun to make tarts and that is due to the design of the tarts. You can design them using different kinds of ingredients or fruits.  Add a tart glaze and they look lovely.

How to make the perfect tart crust

To make the perfect tart crust, you will need the best tart pan. This is one of the most useful pans as you will be able to make different kinds of baked delights.  Pies, cakes, pizza, tartlets and also cheesecakes can be made in tart pans.

When you have the perfect tart pan, you will be able to make a delicious tart easily.   These tart pans are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of them come with a fixed bottom and a few come with removable bottoms.

You need to consider your requirements before you buy the best tart pan for your kitchen.

They are made of different kinds of materials.   It can be a difficult choice to buy the best tart pan if you are buying it for the first time.

This article will tell you what to consider when buying a tart pan for the first time.  But you may still be confused as there are so many tart pans available that meet your specifications.

We have compared the 10 best tart pans for 2021.   This should help you to decide the best tart pan for your kitchen.

The table following gives you a quick look without all the details.  Scroll down for detailed reviews.

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Best Tart Pans Reviews

1. Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart Pan

Next on the list is one of the best and most popular tart pans available. This Wilton Excelle Elite Non-stick tart pan is made of steel material and it is very durable.   It is a 9 inches round tart pan.

The pan is non-stick, and that makes it is easy to maintain and clean as well. This coating helps in the quick release of the cake and so the cleaning process is easier. It is a pan that comes with a removable bottom and no worries about the cooling process of the pan.

Steel is a very good conductor of heat and makes it easy for heat distribution. The pan is also dishwasher safe, and that makes the cleaning process much simpler for you. You will also be able to make pizza on this pan without any difficulty.

You will also get some recipes along with this product that can help you in making a variety of desserts for your family and friends at home.

It comes with a 10-year warranty and that says a lot about the quality of the product.  A good quality product that is value for money.

Things we liked

  • The bottom can be removed easily for faster cooling
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain the pan
  • The non-stick coating of the pan is very safe.
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It has a warranty of 10 years

Things we didn’t like

  • None we found


2. Chef Made 9.5 inches tart pan

Next on the list, we have a tart pan from Chef Made. This manufacturer is one of the most popular ones in the market. They make many different kinds of pans and all of them are highly durable products.  Different kinds of pans, in different sizes, different shapes, and different materials.

This Chef Made 9.5 inches tart pan is one of their best sellers in the market. Whether you are going to use the pan on a daily basis or whether you use it rarely, this is one of the best choices as it is made using carbon steel. The material is tough and provides you the best value.

This is a reliable pan that can be used for making any number of tarts. It also has a non-stick coating that keeps the food from sticking to the pan. Most of you would be looking for a tart pan with a removable bottom as that is going to save some time in cooling and easy removal.

Then this is the tart pan that you should consider.  It is an FDA-approved pan, and hence it is safe for your entire family. No harmful chemicals are used for the non-stick coating of the pan.

Things we like

  • One of the best things about this pan is the color. It is a Champagne Gold color.
  • The material used is Carbon steel.
  • The bottom of the pan is removable.
  • It is an FDA approved pan
  • It can be cleaned without any problem

Things we didn’t like

  • Couldn’t really find anything.

3. Webake 4 Inch Mini Tart Pan

Next in the list of the best tart pans, we have the We bake tart pan. This is a set of six mini pans, which can be used for making mini tarts at home. The dimensions of each tart pan is 4 inches X 0.75 inches.

This is one of the latest models available in the market and also you will be able to make something really different for your family or if you have a special occasion.  They may be mini pans, but they are made of heavy-duty carbon steel.

Only food-grade quality materials are used for this pan. The health of your loved ones is definitely taken care of. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning process as well, as this tart pan is dishwasher safe. So, you will be able to clean it in a very short time. This pan is made in such a way that even a cheesecake can remove easily without any worries about sticking.

Things we liked

  • You can make mini tarts in this pan.
  • You can also make mini cheesecakes in the pan.
  • It removes food easily.
  • The bottom of the pan is removable.
  • Highly durable material
  • Affordable price.

Things we didn’t like

  • They are quite thin



4. Gourmia GPA9375 Mini Tart Pans

We have another model in the mini tart pans and this is from another popular manufacturer, Gourmia.  These Gourmia mini tart pans come in a set of 6 mini pans. The dimensions of these pans are 5 inches X 1 inch.

They are made of heavy-duty material, carbon steel. These pans also have a non-stick coating that is PFOA and PTFA free. That means no harmful toxins are used in the making of these mini pans. You can easily make cakes, tarts, pies, quiches and many other baked foods using these mini pans. They are just going to grab the attention of the kids as they are small in size. You can even make mini pizza in these mini pans.

Your kids are going to fall in love with the tart or pizza that you are going to make in these pans. The bottom of the mini pans is removable, which gives you a number of advantages, like the ease of cleaning and faster cooling of the food. You should not leave the tart in the pan for a long time and faster cooling will ensure that you are removing food quickly from the pan.

Things we liked

  • It is a pack of 6 mini tart pans
  • The dimensions of each pan are 5 inches X 1 inches.
  • The heavy-duty carbon steel is a highly durable metal.
  • It distributes heat evenly
  • There are no toxins in the coating of the non-stick mini pans.
  • You can make many other food items using these mini pans.

Things we didn’t like

  • Mini tarts are just not big enough to satisfy your hunger but boy they look great!

5. Norpro 9.5 Inch Tart Pan

Next on the list, we have another tart pan from Norpro. This is 9.5 inches tart pan and you will also be able to make Quiche using this tart pan. The dimensions of this tart pan are 9.5 inches X 1 inch. The tart pan is made using tin steel and this is a heavy-duty material.

Steel is always chosen as the best material for making this kind of pan as this metal will get heated in just no time. Also, the heat can be distributed evenly with this pan. The tart pan comes with a removable bottom and that is very important when you are making food like tarts, pie, or pancakes.

You need to remove the cakes faster, as the bottom of the cake may get stuck. This is possible only if the cake or tart gets cooled down faster.

This is not dishwasher safe and hence you will have to hand wash them. Warm water and some mild soap are enough for cleaning these tart pans. This pan is also available in the size of 11 inches.

Things we liked

  • It is a 9.5 inches X 1-inch tart pan.
  • You can make many other foods like pizza, pie, quiche using this pan.
  • They come with a removable bottom.
  • It is made of steel and it is a highly durable material.
  • It is not dishwasher safe. You need to wash with hands.
  • It is also available in an 11-inch size pan.

Things we didn’t like

  • Not dishwasher safe

6. Laxinis World 4 inches Tart Pans

If you want to make restaurant-style or bakery-style tarts at home, the Laxinis World tart pans are a good choice. These are again a collection of 6 mini tart pans with 4-inch size each. Whether it is a birthday party or any family gathering at home, these mini tarts are going to be a surprise for the kids and adults as well.

The construction of these mini pans is made using carbon steel. This is a durable material that does not bend or warp when using in extreme heat also. In fact, this material will get heated faster and you will be able to get the best tarts from the pans. The heat is distributed evenly with the carbon steel material. It also comes with a non-stick coating and it is a non-toxic coating that makes easy food removal.

These pans come with a removable bottom.

The removable bottom is not just for quick cooling of the food, but also very helpful in removing the food without breaking or cracking the base of the cake or tart you just made.

The design of these mini pans is also very beautiful and attractive. They come in a black color. The cleaning process of the pans is very simple as it has a non-stick coating. It is totally dishwasher safe as well and you don’t need to worry about cleaning.

Things we liked

  • It is a pack of 6 mini pans.
  • Each pan is 4 inches X 1-inch dimensions
  • It is made of carbon steel which does not warp
  • The bottom is removable
  • Comes in black color

Things we didn’t like

  • No cons so far

7. Tosnail Non-stick Tart Pan

Another pan on our recommended list is from the Tosnail brand. This Tosnail Non-stick tart pan comes in a combo pack of three tart pans. Unlike the mini pans that we have seen so far, this combo of tart pans is different. This is not a combo of similar size tart pans. You have three different pans of three different sizes.

The large pan is 11 ¾ inches X 1 inch, the medium pan is 10 ¼ inches X 1 inch and the last small pan is 7 7/8 inches X 1 1/8 inches. These three pans can be used for making different sizes of tarts at home. So, now if you are confused about which size to pick for your family, then this is a great choice.

You will have three pans of different sizes and you will be able to use each of them depending on the requirements. So, you need not have to worry at all. The three pans are made using carbon steel and they all come with a non-stick coating for easy release of the tart or cake from the pan.

They come with a removable bottom, and hence they can be cooled faster. These three pans are dishwasher safe, but still, it is recommended that you wash them using hands only. You will be able to make a lot of food items using this pan.

Things we liked

  • They come in a pack of three different sized tart pans.
  • Each of them is a different size for different use.
  • You get all of them with a non-stick coating.
  • It is dishwasher safe

Things we didn’t like

  • None

8. Beasea 10 inches tart pan

Last on the list is a tart pan from Beasea. This is a 10-inch tart pan, which is made of heavy-duty, food-grade carbon steel. This is a very common and safe material used for the making tart pans. This material will also distribute heat better.

You will be able to remove the bottom of the pan without any problem.

These tart pans from Beasea in many different sizes and also in a combo or set packs as well. All you just need to do is decide which one is the best and suits the requirements in your kitchen.

This pan has a non-toxic and safe non-stick coating and that will not just ensure that the food is removed faster, but also will make sure that the usage of oil or butter in the pans is reduced. You can use these pans for making many other baked foods.

Things we liked

  • It is a 10-inch tart pan
  • Beasea brand tart pans are available in many other sizes as well.
  • Can be used for making many other dishes.
  • So easy to clean as it has a non-stick coating
  • It comes with a removable bottom.
  • Less oil is required for the making of the tarts in this pan.

Things we didn’t like

  • No cons so far

What To Consider When Buying The Best Tart Pans?

It is definitely not an easy task for you to buy the best tart pan if you are a newbie. You need to understand the important things to consider when buying the tart pan. These points will help you decide whether you should actually buy any particular pan or not. Before you check out any of the important parameters to consider, you should always keep in mind that the tart pan you are buying should meet your requirements. Only when it meets your needs, you will have to consider other parameters. So, here is what you need to consider before buying the tart pans…

The size of the tart pan

As we have already discussed earlier, these tart pans are available in many different sizes. You will have tart pans from 4 inches size and round shape to 14 inches and rectangular in shape tart pans. You can get the perfect tart even if you are choosing a small pan, but all you need to consider is your requirement. What size tart do you wish to make the most, will help you decide the right size of your pan.

The shape of the tart pan

The tart pans are available in many different shapes like circular, rectangular or for making mini-tarts. Again, it is your requirement and what kind of tarts you make for your family will decide which is going to be the right tart pan for you. Usually, the most common tart pan is the circular tart pan.

Removable bottom of the pan

If you are going for a pan with a removable bottom, then the pancake can be cooled easily.  And we know if the pancake cools down faster, then you will be able to enjoy your favorite tart in just no time.

The thickness of the tart pan

The best part of the tart pan is they are available in different thicknesses. You can choose the one that is suitable for your requirements and that depends on your baking needs. If you are looking for a smaller tart pan, then you can find them between 0.75 inches to 2-inch thickness. You can choose a 1-inch pan. If you are looking for the larger tart pans, then they can range from 1.5 inches to 2-inch thickness. It is a good choice to choose something that has a thicker bottom as that will help in even distribution of heat.

The material of the tart pan

Usually, these pans are available in many different materials. But choosing the one with carbon steel is one of the best materials. They are thicker and also highly durable as well. Only check for the type of non-stick coating they come with. It has to be free from Teflon, PTFE, PFOA or any other toxic material. This non-stick coating should just be helpful in removing the tart easily and for easy cleaning of the tart pan.

The durability of the pan

When we are talking about durability, the best way to get a durable tart pan is to buy a pan that comes with a warranty. The warranty provided by the manufacturer itself will speak about the quality and durability of the tart pan.

Ease of cleaning

You need to choose something that can be cleaned with ease. That means choosing a non-stick tart pan is a very good choice and cleaning this kind of pan is very easy as nothing gets stuck on it. Also, for more ease of cleaning, you can choose something that is dishwasher safe.


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How To Use a Tart Pan Properly?

If you are new to baking, making a tart might appear too challenging for you. One doesn’t know where to start and what to do next as a beginner. Here are some pro tips on using a tart pan properly to ace the task:

  1. Prepare the dough:

Add the ingredients of your choice and mix them to prepare a dough. Add flour, butter, sugar, water, cream, and egg, if you wish. Wrap it in a plastic cover and freeze it.

  1. Grease the pan:

The tart pans usually do not require greasing. If you have a non-stick tart pan, you can skip this step. However, other tart pans might require greasing for easy removal after baking. The crust will not stick to the pan. Therefore, it preserves both the taste and appearance of your tart.

  1. Rolling out the dough:

Make sure to flour the rolling pin and working bench before starting to roll out the dough. Turn the dough after every roll to assign it a perfect circular shape. It will help the dough to roll out evenly without sticking. Keep sprinkling flour when the dough gets too sticky.

  1. Measure the dough:

Let your imagination work and roll out the dough until it measures a little larger than the pan. To be assured, measure the dough with the pan. It must have 2inches wider circumference than the pan. Finally, roll the dough in the rolling pin.

  1. Unroll & set the dough on the pan:

Release or unroll the dough on the top surface of the pan. For setting it adequately on the pan, press the overhanging part on the corner base of the tart pan. Make sure you do not stretch the dough. It can lead to shrinking of the pastry while baking. Once it’s set, proceed to the next step.

  1. Roll the pin to cut off extra dough:

Once the dough is set on the part pan, use the rolling pin to roll over the top of the pan. It helps in cutting off the extra dough without spoiling its structure. If you do it manually, it might not appear even. You can save the excess dough for using later to avoid wastage.

  1. Bake it:

Depending on your choice of taste, you can bake the tart pastry crust partially or fully. Place the tart pan inside the oven and heat it. The baking temperature is usually 330-360 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the pan inside the microwave for 30 minutes & remove it when done.

  1. Remove the tart from the pan:

Unmolding the tart is the most challenging task for beginners. To remove it, using the cake lifter or inverted pan would make the work much easier for you.

Best Tart Pans Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best tart pan on this list?

We understand that choosing the best tart pan for your cooking needs is not simple because the options are endless. When you choose a tart pan considering some of its features, you may get confused with another tart pan that includes some other features. This way, the process becomes complex, and you may not choose the right product for you. However, the tart pans listed in this article are chosen from the top brands and can provide quality and efficiency. So, you can choose any tart pan from the above list according to your needs.

Still, if you want to buy the best tart pan from this list, then you can opt for the combo pan of Tosnail tart pans. In that, you can get three sizes of pans and use them according to your requirements. Also, the construction of these pans is good, and they are dishwasher safe.

  1. Can I make other baking foods with a tart pan?

Yes, tart pans can be used to make other baking foods apart from making tarts. It is also one of the advantages of tart pans to consider while choosing a tart pan for your family. Aside from making tarts, tart pans can be used for making cakes, pizza, pies, quiches, and many other food items according to your needs. Therefore, you can enjoy many food items by using tart pans.

  1. Which is the best material for tart pans?

Usually, tart pans are made of different types of materials, such as steel, silicone, carbon steel, etc. Carbon steel and steel tart pans offer high durability and come with a non-stick coating. But silicone pans are usually non-stick and less durable than steel pans. The tarts made with a silicone pan have a lighter color. Also, silicone pans don’t include removable bottom, while most steel pans come with that. So steel and carbon steel materials are best for tart pans. Thankfully, the products listed in this article are made of steel and carbon steel materials to eliminate your confusion.

  1. Which shape of the tart pan is good for my family: circular or rectangular?

It completely depends on the requirements of your family. You can choose either rectangular or circular or both of them considering the choices of your family members. Whatever shape of the tart pan you choose, you are going to get the best tarts if the pan is high-quality.

  1. Why are the bottoms of tart pans removable?

After cooking the tarts or pancakes, you need to cool that to enjoy. With the removable bottom, tart pans allow you to cool the tarts quicker to reduce your waiting time.

  1. Can I make tarts without a tart pan?

Tart pans are specially designed to make tarts. With the perfect style and design, they make the tarts how they should be. Therefore, you can’t achieve the same results when you make tarts without tart pans. Also, the removable bottom of tart pans allows you to take out beautiful tarts without harming their sides. So for making the perfect tarts, the tart pan is a must-have kitchen tool.

Final word

Picking the best tart pan is always a difficult choice if you are buying a tart pan for the first time.   Our advice is to have a few different sizes, such as mini tart pans, a 9 inch and a 10 inch.

This should cover most recipe size requirements.   Another thing that we feel is very important is a removable bottom and non stick coating.  This will just make your life easier with serving and cleaning after.

Always follow your tart recipe directions to get the best looking and tasting tart for you and your family.