How To Clean and Care for Pizza Pans

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The most fundamental Italian food from Italian cuisine that is famous all over the world is Pizza. Just the name itself is enough for making our mouth watery. It is interesting how our taste buds react when we hear the name of our favorite dishes! Isn’t it? Are you also the type of person who has serious food cravings every other day? If yes, you cannot resist it and keep ordering from your favorite restaurant. However, it is not always possible for us to visit or order from a restaurant. Who will take care of the monthly budget? After all, you cannot spend your entire earnings on a Pizza!

But, there is a magical trick that can get you easy and readily available pizzas whenever you wish. Investing in a pizza pan is one of the best ideas for people who frequently love consuming pizzas. Even if you are not a pizza lover, experimenting with new pizza dishes on this pan would be real fun! When we made an imaginary graph between the amounts of pizza consumed vs. money spent on it, the people who chose homemade pizza with the help of pizza pan won, without a doubt! All in all, if you have intense pizza craving, get yourself a pizza pan to minimize the budget and satisfy your taste buds.

Chicago Metallic professional non-stick pizza pan

The next challenge after buying a good pizza pan that every new pizza maker faces is the care and maintenance of the pan. Depending upon what is the material of the pizza pan, there are a set of instructions that will guide you through the cleaning and caring procedure of it. Having a pizza pan at home delivers you the choice of your taste, as you can always add some extra cheese or toppings on it; but, at the minimal cost of washing the pizza pan properly after every use. We will also tell you the tips for effectively increasing the lifespan of your pizza pans. Therefore, if you have recently bought a pizza pan, make sure you read our article till the end. We promise that you will learn some essential tips:

Cleaning an aluminum pizza pan:

Aluminum pizza pans are a choice for beginner pizza bakers. It does not take up the stain readily. Therefore, it is easy to clean and care for. Also, the spread of heat is even so that you do not have to compromise with the thick, crusty, and delicious pizza. Here are some tips on how to clean an aluminum pizza pan:

  • Make sure to arrange the items to complete the work readily. Plugin your kitchen sink and gather a source of water, baking soda, white vinegar, scouring pad, and a pot.
  • Fill the pot with water. For each gallon of water, you require two cups of white vinegar. Turn on the stove, and let the pot sit on the stove until the water starts boiling.
  • In the next step, you have to pour the water present inside the pot to the sink. Be very careful while performing this step. Make sure you do not burn yourself with the boiling water. Therefore, maintain all the precautions.
  • Let the pizza pan soak in the sink water. Leave it for few minutes. When the temperature of the water starts coming down, sprinkle a gentle amount of baking soda on the top of the pan.
  • You will see a reactive process between the vinegar and baking soda. It is entirely normal, and you do not have to stress. With the help of the pad, scrub the surface of the pizza pan.
  • Most of the stain will be removed. You can also repeat the process if you are not yet satisfied.

Cleaning a cast iron pizza pan:

Cast iron pans are a famous option for preparing tasty and crusty pizzas. It can handle high temperatures and helps the pizza to cook consuming less time. Here are the steps of cleaning a cast iron pizza pan:

  • The first thing that you should ensure is to avoid the use of a metallic fork, spoon, and knife while cooking. Also, avoid using a metallic scraper for cleaning the cast iron pizza pan. It can readily form scratches on its surface.
  • For sticky food, heat the pan over the stove for a few minutes. Add some salt and vegetable oil on the top of the pan and start scrubbing. It will help to remove the stubborn residues of pizza.
  • For regular cleaning, you can use warm water and mild dishwashing soap to clean it. The use of a nylon brush or pad for scrubbing is ideal.
  • Wash it and wipe with a kitchen towel. Make sure it is entirely dry. Otherwise, the humidity can lead to rusting of the pan.

Cleaning a stainless steel pizza pan:

Stainless steel pans are an excellent choice for pizza pan until you care for them. A little lack of maintenance can cause discoloration, sticky leftover, and burn marks on the pizza pan. Here are different ways of treating your stainless steel pizza pans:

  • Start by filling the pizza pan with water. Now, bring it on the stove and turn the burner on. Add one cup of vinegar to the boiling water. When it is fully boiled, start sprinkling baking soda on the pan. Now, finish off by scrubbing and cleaning the pan with water. This technique is brilliant for removing the burnt marks on the pizza pan.
  • The next technique is an easy way to remove the discoloration of the pizza pan. Soak the pizza pan in a solution of warm water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:3. Leave it for few hours. Now, clean the pizza pan with fresh water. You will see that the discoloration will no more be present.
  • If you are running out of baking soda or vinegar, we are presenting you with the most readily accessible technique. Add boiling water to the pizza pan. Sprinkle an even layer of salt on it. Let the salt sit for a few hours. Clean by scrubbing it off with a gentle brush at the end.
  • If you are aware of the reason behind the burn marks, you must try this technique. If the possible cause behind the burn stains in your pizza pan is the burning of oil, soda/cola will be your savior. Add cola to the surface of the pan, and bring the burner to medium heat. Scrape the burn marks. It will remove easily because of the reaction with soda.

Caring for your pizza pan properly:

  • Do not leave your pizza pan wet for hours and hours. Wipe it with a towel immediately after washing. It will help in the prevention of stains.
  • Switching the temperature all of a sudden can lead to discoloration. Therefore, we do not recommend cleaning a hot pan with cold water.
  • When you are using stainless steel pizza pans, stay away from steel wool scrubbers. It can lead to scratch marks on the pizza pan.
  • Never add frozen food directly on the pizza pan. It will again lead to discoloration that is tough to remove.


Hoping that you have gained enough knowledge about cleaning and caring for a pizza pan, we conclude our article. Thanks for reading!