What is a Jelly Roll Pan? Its Uses and Advantages

Many people face trouble while making the jelly roll at home; it’s because making jelly roll at home is not that a simple task. While preparing the jelly roll, you always need to avoid the cracks and other issues with the main sheet. If you want to make the perfect jelly roll at home then, believe it or not, you need a jelly roll pan for it. It’s because the other half baking sheet pan can ruin all your preparation related to the roll.

However, there are some methods present that you can use to make the jelly roll at home without needing the dedicated pan for it. But it will be great for you if you go with the authentic option instead of other methods.

Jelly Roll Pan

What is a Jelly Roll Pan?

At first glance, the jelly roll pan looks more like the traditional baking sheets, but the only difference that you will find between this type of container and the baking sheets is going to be in the size and dimension section. Where the standard baking sheets come in more depth, on the other hand, the jelly roll pans usually have only 1 inch of depth.

Still, the overall design looks very identical to the baking sheets and a half sheet pan. Some people have confusion about this type of pan, why they can’t use the other half sheet pan or baking sheets for making jelly rolls. If you have the same question, then keep reading this post because we are going to clarify this question in the uses section.

Now it is time to share with you some of the uses of a jelly roll pan with all the readers of this post.

Uses of Jelly Roll Pan

In this section, we are going to take a look at the best possible uses of the jelly roll pan that usually other people use it for. We are damn sure that some of you don’t know about the potential applications of this type of pan other than only spongy baking sheets for rolled cakes.

  • Like we mention many times that the primary use of the jelly roll pan is to make the spongy base for the jelly roll, and people prefer to use this type of pans instead of the baking sheets or any other pan because it can damage the spongy base. And most of the time when you use the other pans instead of the dedicated one, you will find that the cake sheets mostly come out uncooked or overcooked.
  • If you have decided to prepare the multiple layering of cake at home, in this case, the jelly roll pan can also be an excellent option to bake the multiple spongy layers for your multilayer cake.
  • However, many people use them for baking cookies and small size of cakes. It’s because these pans come with a very shallow bottom, which actually allows you to do the cookie baking type of task as well. Just ensure to put the paper sheet at the bottom of the pan to ensure the easy release of cookies without dealing with any stickiness problem.
  • It can be a great option if you want to roast the vegetables on the grill. This thing is only possible because of the shallowness of these pans. However, even heat distribution is another excellent reason for it.

Now it is time to move forward to the advantage section, where we will talk about some of the significant advantages of these pans.

Advantages of A Jelly Roll Pan

  • The first and the most significant advantage of jelly roll pans is that it can easily replace the other baking sheets and half sheet pans from your kitchen. This is how you can make your baking tool collection less space taker.
  • Usually, these pans come with a bit of smaller dimensions, which seems perfect for easy operations, not only this but when it comes to fitting inside the conventional oven, then these pans can easily beat the other large baking sheets.
  • When you head over to the market, then you will come to know that mostly the companies are offering aluminum built and heavy-duty steel built pans. These materials are very helpful to provide the even heat distribution, that actually plays a huge role while preparing the correctly cooked spongy sheets for the rolled cakes.
  • If you brought the jelly roll pan with the non-stick coating, then believe it or not but it will work as an icing on the top for you. It is because this is how you don’t need to use the paper sheets whenever baking the cookies using these pans.
  • Not only this but when it comes to the cleaning of the other sheets and half sheet pan, then many people face the problems. It’s because most of the time the baked things leave the sticky stuff behind, and it isn’t easy to clean that with only gentle scrubbing. Thankfully, this is not going to be the case for you because of the non-stick coating; you can directly put it into the dishwasher for washing/cleaning.