How To Clean and Care for Round Cake Pan

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The round baking pans are the most conventional form of baking idea. As an expert baker, when you look back to your old days, you might remember starting with a round cake pan only. Till now we believe that you might have expertise in this field. However, many beginners who started baking in lockdown might confuse themselves with several aspects of a round cake pan. It is available in various sizes and materials. Taking care and maintaining a round cake pan is the most questionable aspect for amateur cooks.

Therefore, we are here to help you with that. Many people have questions regarding the frequency and technique of washing the pan. Many of them are confused if it requires washing after every use. If yes, then how to wash and clean them? To get answers to all these questions, we have prepared an informative piece of article on how to clean and care for your round cake pans. Round cakes are yummy and divine. Who wouldn’t like to have a dessert at the end of dinner! If you have guests coming to your home or organizing a house party, baking a round cake is a perfect idea.

To know more about how to increase the lifetime of a round cake pan, we are here with some set of instructions and guidelines. Make sure to follow them:

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Regular round cake pan washing technique:

This method is for cleaning after every single time you use the pan:

  • Make sure the pan is wet enough. Pour a few drops of liquid dishwashing gel or formula in the pan. It would be better if you choose an anti-grease formula. It will help in the removal of greasy leftovers.
  • Next, keep the pan below the tap and let hot water fill in the pan. Make sure to fill the pan with water. Give it a gentle stir so that the formula mixes with water.
  • Leave the solution on the pan for few hours. You can complete your other work or household chores till then.
  • Finally, take a gentle scrub pad and rub the surface of the pan. It will remove any stick on if present in the pan. Next, rinse the pan a few times with plain water to remove all the soapy residues.

How to clean the stubborn sticky residues?

  • To clean the stubborn and sticky residues, you have to make sure that the baking soda powder and vinegar is available at your home.
  • Open the baking soda box and sprinkle the powder in the pan so that it forms a uniform layer. The sodium bicarbonate present in baking soda works as a cleansing agent.
  • Take table salt and sprinkle it on the pan uniformly. After you have successfully formed the two layers of salt and baking soda, take a spray bottle & spray some vinegar on it.
  • Let the cleaning solution stay on the pan for 2-3 hours. Finally, rinse it with fresh water & you are done!

How to clean the burnt stick on leftovers?

  • Using warm water, you have to wet the inside of the pan. Make sure that all the burnt sides are wet enough to progress the process.
  • Arrange oxalic acid powder and sprinkle it on the top of the pan. It is suitable for most of the round cake pan materials.
  • To let the solution work, let it stay on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes. Take a kitchen sponge, and scrub the solution on the pan. Using the rough side will give you better results.
  • Wash the pan with liquid dishwashing soap and freshwater.

How to take care of round cake pans?

  • Do not keep the pan in a place where high humidity is present.
  • Make sure that the pan is entirely dry before storing it.
  • Clean it regularly after every use.
  • If you haven’t used it for many days, clean it occasionally.
  • Use parchment paper for decreasing stick on residues on the pan.
  • Do not use sharp knives on non-stick pans. It can cause scratches in the pan.


We hope that you will follow these simple and easy tips to maintain your round cake pans in a brand new state. Thanks for reading. Happy baking!