10 Types of Baking Pans Every Baker Needs

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Baking is a great idea to start learning creative cooking. It is an integration of cooking skills like patience, dedication, organization, creativity, communication, and detailing. Bakers do not merely improve their baking skills by making sweet dishes for you, but it also plays a primary role in enhancing their all-round personality. Baking might appear as an easy task. However, unless you do not try it, you will not be aware of the hurdles and challenges that come your way. When you go to a bakery store, there are numerous options from where you can choose. Muffin, cookies, cheesecake, sponge cake, butter cake, cupcakes, and pies are some mouth smacking dishes.

Do you think that all these recipes require a single pan to bake? Then my friend, let me tell you, you have zero knowledge about baking. However, learning about different baking pans can be made very easy. It is not like you cannot make one recipe with the help of a pan used for another recipe. But, if you want to achieve the soft, crunchy, sweet, and nutty taste of the desserts, using the right pan is necessary. For all the beginner bakers, we assure you that after reading the entire article, you will be a pro in deciding an accurate pan for your baking recipe. We are going to enlist the top 10 types of baking pans that every baker must have in their kitchen. Let us have a look:

1. Round Cake Pans

Aluminum Round Cake Pans

Round cake pans are one of the most conventional pans available. People have been using these kinds of pans for many years of the past. If you regularly bake, using round cake pans would be the best idea. Therefore, every baker must have a round cake pan cookware in their kitchen. It comes in different sizes. You can readily select a size according to the number of members in your family. Also, you will get to choose the material including non-stick steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and others. The nine-inch round cake pan is the standard size as it is used more frequently. However, you can also go for large and smaller sizes.

2. Square baking pan

A square baking pan serves multifunctional purposes. One can not only use it for baking, but you can also use it for roasting and making gingerbread. When we talk of baking, square pans are ideal for baking sheet cakes and brownies. Square pans also come in various sizes. According to the amount of batter, you can choose from a pan that can accommodate 6 to 9 cups volume. Square pans also come in different types of material. From aluminized steel to silicone, you can choose a material at your convenience. Square baking pans are well known for their even heat distribution, uniform & speedy baking. Square cake pans are also a great idea for beginner bakers!

3. Springform pan

MCIRCO Springform Pan set

A springform pan resembles a round baking pan. However, it has different functionalities to make your baking process much easier. The removable sides of a springform pan makes it easier for beginners to manage the cake without getting it messy. The non-stick springform pans are ideal options for bakers. You can find a variety of choices in materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and tinned steel. Baking regular cakes is easy, unless it comes to the final step- removal of the cake from the pan. Beginners face a lot of stress to retain the original shape of the cake. Therefore, the removable sides are a bonus for baking tortes, cheesecakes, and other recipes. The size ranges from 8 inches to 12 inches. Still, the most preferable size remains the 9 inches only. The height of sides varies from 1.5 to 3 inches tall.

4. Bundt pan

Bundt Pan

Bundt cake pans are famous for their exceptional designs without doing much on the creative side. The pan has such a structure that assigns a beautiful shape to your baking recipe. The credits for the origin of bundt pans goes to the European countries. It helps to create perfect doughnut-shaped cakes. The heavy wall of the pans, along with its indented surface, helps to achieve the look and taste. A hollow tube is present in the center of the pan, surrounded by heavy walls. This structure aids in the uniform baking of the batter. It helps to raise the cake batter evenly. If you wish to bake a coffee cake with an authentic design & golden crust, nothing could be better than a bundt pan.

5. Sheet pan

The sheet pans are also multipurpose cookware like the square pans. The rims present on the edges of the sheet pans are beneficial. It helps to prevent the parchment/butter paper from sliding away, as it usually happens. You can bake and also do roasting in the sheet pans. Different sizes of sheet pans are available in the market. We recommend you to pick a sheet pan according to the size of your oven.

6. Tube pan

The tube pan holds a tube-like structure amidst the deep walls of the pan. Therefore, it is known as a tube pan. The hollow tube present in the center of the pan is for uniform baking of your dessert. The tube pans are of two types- one with standard uniform single piece metal, and the other has a removable bottom. The latter one is also called an angel food cake pan. The process of removing the cake from the pan is hassle-free. You only have to turn the pan upside down & that’s it, your cake is ready to be served.

7. Loaf pan

AmazonBasics Nonstick Loaf Pan

Loaf pans are otherwise known as bread pans. It usually comes in a rectangular shape with high rise walls. You will find these pans having pottery, stoneware, aluminum, glass, or steel material. Another type of loaf pans are known as lo-fat loaf pans. It consist of two pans. One that is placed on the base and another on top of it. It can be used for purposes other than baking as well.

8. Muffin pan

USA Pan Muffin Pan

The muffin tray or pan consists of 6 to 12 round depressions/pockets. You can pour the ingredients of your choice inside these little round pockets. One can also use a muffin pan for baking cupcakes. Depending on what dimensions of muffin people have ordered, you can choose among the three sizes of muffin pans.

9. Pie plate


Do you love eating crusty pies? Have you ever thought of preparing the tasty pies at home? Thousands of recipes for pies are available over the internet. However, to bake a perfect pie, one needs to have a pie plate. Pie plates are metal or glass plates which has sloping sides. These pans are also available in different sizes.

10. Doughnut pan

Klemoo silicone non-stick donut pan

This donut pan has a similar structure to that of the muffin pans. The only difference is that it consists of a round base. One of the exceptional features of a doughnut pan is the stem rising from the center of the bottom of the pan. This pan has a nonsticky material. It also comes in food-grade silicone material. According to the number of people you are serving, it can contain 6 to 12 cups.


We hope that you are all set to start baking now! Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more informative articles! For all these pan to keep safe you might need bakers rack for your kitchen.